best Christmas traditions

While 2020 requires a little creativity in bringing people together, it is certainly still possible! So, if you’re looking for a few Christmas traditions to make the season bright, check out this list of 5 easy traditions your family or partner will love.

1. Pass Down Recipes

So much of our holidays center around food because food is a part of our culture and who we are. It’s the comfort we need in times of stress, and joy in times of celebration.

So, this year, take the time to share an old recipe and teach other family members to make it. While many of us have a little extra time on our hands, it’s great to teach how to make that pie crust, special stuffing, or famous Christmas cookies.

2. Kiss Under the Mistletoe

This old-school tradition can be for your immediate family or your partner. A few extra smooches are sure to put a smile on your face and strengthen your bonds.

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3. Make a Christmas Eve Box

Especially with the holidays looking different, a box full of activities to do on Christmas Eve is a surefire way to add cheer to the day.

Christmas Eve box ideas include:

  • A Christmas mug
  • An activity book
  • A meaningful Christmas ornament
  • Hot chocolate packets and marshmallows
  • A Christmas puzzle
  • A Christmas movie
  • Reindeer food or cookies for Santa

4. See a Christmas Light Show

Many of these events take place while you’re in your car, so this year is the perfect time to take advantage! Check your local listings for one or two in your area.

4. Put Together a Large Christmas Puzzle

Need a screen-free family tradition? Every year, surprise your family with a new festive puzzle and spend the days leading up to Christmas snuggled around a table putting together your unique picture.

5. Start a Giving Jar

Finally, starting a few weeks ahead, have family members slip money into a jar. If you have kids, allowance time is the perfect time for everyone to contribute a little bit to the jar.

When the jar is filled, or it’s Christmas, discuss where everyone would like for the money to go. This could be to an organization you care about or just a family that needs a little extra love.

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In Conclusion

Christmas traditions don’t have to be complicated to make a lasting impression on your family. Try something new this year, and you may be surprised at how well it works for you!

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”

Edna Ferber