Google and its peers get more than 2 million job applications each year, but it’s not just the money that drives people to apply. According to a new ranking from Indeed, the online jobs service, culture plays a huge role.

Indeed crunched the numbers on its 15 million employee reviews, and from there selected companies that appeared on this year’s Fortune 500 list to make this year’s rankings.

Unsurprisingly, lots of big tech firms—with their vaunted perks—were in the top five. But intriguingly, so were two airlines. The common thread: it’s great to work for places that have create a welcoming, balanced, and communal work environment.

The culture of Ohana, meaning family, has done well for Salesforce giving them the number one spot on Indeed’s list. Located in San Francisco, the software giant is known for its community vibe and passion for philanthropy.

With 46 years of service, Southwest knows how to keep their employees happy. Coming in at number two, employees describe the aviation company’s workplace as “invigorating and uplifting.” Southwest had the highest overall rating in job security, too. 

Another friend to the sky, JetBlue has flown into the number three spot. Employees are given the chance to make an impact on the company and community by giving feedback to leaders and taking opportunities to volunteer.

It is no surprise that Facebook has secured the number four slot on the list. Facebook promotes a healthy work-life balance that is echoed by their campus. An abundance of social activities are provided to build community, giving the perfect opportunity to spend time with your work spouse. Employees also report loving to see how their work impacts the social network, which serves over two billion users. 

Last but not least, Google was number five. Google continues to inspire its employees even with its constant growth and innovative culture, like regular “forums” where workers can ask questions to the executive leadership. Plus there’s all those gyms and volleyball courts in the company’s Mountain View, California, Campus.

The takeaway here is simple: the best places to work are companies that invest in their people, allowing them to make an impact, build community, and find job security. It’s more than salaries—culture makes people excited about their jobs.