The Best Exercises for Relieving Anger

There are three principal ways to relieve anger through exercise. These are aggressive, calm, or combined types.

Which type of anger relief exercise is right for an individual depends on their personal preferences and specific situation. Trying each type to see what works best is advisable.


Aggressive exercise relieves anger through physical exertion.

Boxing and other martial arts let people punch or kick out their frustrations. Sports like basketball, hockey, or racquetball can be physically exhausting, which is a good thing. It’s hard to be tired and angry at the same time.

Aggressive workout options:

  • Boxing/Martial Arts
  • Competitive Sports
  • Circuit Training


A calming experience might better suit some people. These exercises focus more on letting go of the anger while filling up with a more peaceful calm.

While it is a martial art, most forms of Tai Chi Chuan (or “Tai Chi”), focus on health and calmness. The movements are slow and graceful, and the practice is excellent for reducing stress.

Hatha yoga combines breathing techniques with a series of poses to generate health benefits. This style of yoga has a slow pace and focuses on the proper alignment of the body. Some studies suggest its benefits include relieving anxiety.

While most people may not think of meditation as a workout, it is an exercise for the mind. Mindfulness meditation practice can help the individual focus and be aware of how their anger arises.

Calm workout options:

  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Meditation


The combined type of exercise includes intense physical exertion while also encouraging a calm mind.

Getting out into a natural environment is calming, refreshing, and rejuvenating for most people. Hiking lets people experience their natural surroundings while offering solid physical exercise. The intensity can be adjusted by the choice of where and how long to hike.

Vinyasa yoga is more intense than hatha yoga, with sequences of poses that flow quickly from one to another.

Dancing is not only great exercise but a great way to express emotion. If someone is feeling anger, then dancing “angry” can help them through the physical benefits of moving and also providing an emotional outlet.

Combined workout options:

  • Hiking
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Dancing