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’Tis the season of giving and receiving! Here’s one way to give to yourself and others in the most abundant way, without spending a dime. In this case, a simple mantra can go a very long way!

My mother was famous for supplying quick and poignant mantras for just about any situation, and “this too shall pass,” was one of my favorites. As I’ve grown older, it’s meaning has expanded and deepened for me, and I find myself sort of wearing it; like a favorite, cozy sweater when I need it’s comfort most. This year, I realized that I don’t want to take this particular “sweater” off.

By repeating this mantra often, I’m reminded that nothing is permanent, and therefore, my patience deepens as I’m encouraged to look for new perspectives and ways of seeing what appears to be before me.

Positive mantras can consistently soothe, change and inspire us. Whether they be verses from favorite religious texts, poems or passages that spark curiosity, or quotes that uplift, the treasure I find in them is a guaranteed vibration shift out of the muck and mire, no matter how seemingly slight that gain appears.

As an added bonus, and personal preference, a mantra passed down from a loved one not only encourages me, it reminds me that despite the distance between us, I’m still connected to that cherished one who shared it with me. I also get the bonus of paying that mantra forward to others, should they desire. A definite win-win!

Initially, I like to discern what new mantras resonate for me, and then take them for a test drive. With a mental “garage-full” of them, I can whip one out whenever I’m triggered by a situation and be on smoother roads more speedily.

A quick insider tip? Repeat the mantra often even if you don’t fully believe it at the time. I know this is controversial to some, but I believe the most important key here is to build those new neural pathways.

Much like establishing clean mental highways to belief systems that will better support our mental health for the long haul, repeating positive mantras eventually smooths out our rocky thinking. After years of doing this, I can literally feel my energy elevate when I “rev up” a positive mantra.

What’s more, there’s no way to overload our system with positivity! Whether you say them to yourself, or out-loud, notice what effect this has on your state of being… and if a smile doesn’t eventually fill your face or heart.

Regardless if you discover a mantra you love on your own, honor a loved one by donning one of theirs, or share that gift with another, an abundant mindset is sure to transpire, and THAT’S a priceless gift worth sharing!