With so many social media properties being created, many professionals will find growing your network is easier than ever. Before you go adding every connection that you see, you should first remember that while it is easy for them to accept your invitation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the both of you really know one another. Don’t let the cold world of the internet ruin the potential relationships that you can cultivate.

LinkedIn is a prime example of a professional social media site that people can connect on but isn’t always used to its best ability. When you add someone, don’t forget that an added connection doesn’t mean that you are necessarily close friends. If you want to turn every person you add into a friend, pay attention to these tips and start implementing them. Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your connections into great relationships that you can develop from.

  • Use the Add a Message feature

When you are adding someone online, be sure to send them a message introducing yourself and asking to connect over the phone. When you give the other person more information on who you are, they will learn more about what you do and your aspirations for wanting to connect. When you schedule a time to connect over the phone, show the other person that you are invested in learning more about them and what they do. With one simple conversation, you can build a relationship that you can then develop into a long-lasting friendship that you both can benefit from. You never know what opportunities are available until you have discussions with others. For all you know, you could be a perfect fit for a great job. To find an opportunity, you need to be ready to create connections with others. This is a great tip that Steve Nudelberg emphasizes.

When you publish articles or post often, you show the community that you have expert knowledge in the industry. By sharing your experience, you draw in others that are interested in what you are saying and doing. Someone that sees your work may be interested in working collaboratively with you or want to bring you in to meet their team. When you publish online, everyone has the opportunity to leave comments and feedback.

  • Respond To Everyone

The last statement leads to the third tip. When people do leave comments for you, be sure to respond to all of them. You show others that you are interested in what they have to say. When you create an area for discussion, you keep it open for everyone. You know what insight can be reached when you talk to others about their perspective and ideas. Don’t forget to respond to your messages either, and be reasonable with the amount of time it takes you to answer. Nothing is worse than leaving a conversation hanging for days on end.

Building relationships online can be challenging, but if you continuously reach out to your connections, then you can create something that everyone can benefit from. You can learn so much from meeting someone new in a different field or from a different location. They can help you see problems from different perspectives. Whether you find your next business partner or find someone that could fit perfectly on your team, don’t use LinkedIn as a way to get a higher connections count; use it to build relationships that you can learn from.

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