Anna Macko Org Entrepreneurship Podcast

In this day and age, many of us are working on our own startups, which means we’re always learning something new. Every startup founder knows that to move forward, you have to learn — or re-learn — every day. That’s why podcasts are the best way to get your learn on. Entrepreneurs can listen while driving, working out, or just killing time around the house.

TED Radio Hour – A Modern Spin on Great Ideas

If you enjoy watching TED talks, you’re in for a treat. “The TED Radio Hour” is hosted by TED curator Chris Anderson and brings you enlightening ideas from today’s most fascinating thinkers, doers, and dreamers. They cover topics such as health, art, design, science, literature, and music. It is a great way to learn about things you didn’t know you were interested in and will challenge your thoughts.

The Tim Ferriss Show – From Prodigy to Pro

No list of inspiring podcasts would be complete without the man, the myth, the legend: Tim Ferriss. If you’re looking to become more successful in your life and career, listen to this podcast where he interviews high-performing people from different industries about how they beat stress, maintain their cognitive function, and more. He also discusses tips, tactics, and tools on how you can do the same.

Freakonomics Radio – Smart People Think Differently

This show takes a look at the hidden side of everything. Host Stephen Dubner will surprise you with interesting ideas and information that you never knew about topics including economics, business, politics, etc. This podcast will give an entrepreneur an open mind and well-rounded perspective of the industries they work in.

Smart Passive Income – Making Online Income Work for You

Pay Flynn’s popular podcast is all about entrepreneurs who use the Internet to generate passive income. Specifically, he focuses on “online businesses that will function whether or not you’re involved at any given moment.” Flynn also gives his own experiences and knowledge in order to give you a hand-up by explaining some of the tactics you can use to make money from home.

These days, there is no shortage of high-quality podcasts for entrepreneurs. Use this list to get started on your own entrepreneurial journey. You’ll be surprised by how much you will learn in a year if you listen to one episode of a podcast each day – you’ll be a changed person!