While webinars and eBooks are excellent sources of information for facilities managers and workplace leaders, you can’t read them when you’re driving (at least not yet). And considering the average commute to work is about 30 minutes, your daily trek to the office is a perfect opportunity to learn something new by listening to a podcast.

Because there are thousands of different podcasts out there, we’ve narrowed down the list to the five we think are most valuable.

5 Great Podcasts For Facilities Managers And Workplace Leaders

The Future of Work Podcast

Each week Jacob Morgan, one of the foremost authorities on the employee experience, explores three important themes in his podcast, The Future of Work:

  1. How the workplace is changing
  2. Why the workplace is changing
  3. Which workplace of the future strategies organizations must adopt

Why You Should Listen

There’s a reason Morgan is one of the most well-known thought leaders when it comes to the employee experience: he knows his stuff. And because of his expertise, Morgan has access to C-Level executives at some of the biggest companies in the word, such as Allstate, Cisco, and Pfizer. Morgan’s podcast includes in-depth interviews with business leaders on topics such as the war for talent, people analytics, the power of big data, smart technology, and a ton more.

Latest Episode

Vistaprint’s CEO On How To Modernize Your Organization, Why They Stopped The Annual Review, Dealing With Rapid Growth, And Much More.

eX Podcast – The Employee Experience Podcast

The eX Podcast focuses on how to build a company culture that attracts and retains an engaged and productive workforce. In this weekly podcast, Stephan Vincent interviews the most innovative employee experience experts about the key components of a strong company culture.

Why You Should Listen

Vincent understands and emphasizes the power of an employee-centric environment and why organizations need to embrace business-to-employee branding. Most importantly, Vincent discusses the exact subjects every facilities manager and workplace leader must prioritize:

  • How office design affects company culture
  • The role of technology in the employee experience
  • How organizations can encourage collaboration and innovation
  • How to measure employee engagement
  • The employee journey

Latest Episode

Ep. 48: How do you win the war on talent? Tips from Bryan Chaney at Indeed

Modern Workplace Podcast by Microsoft

The Modern Workplace Podcast dives into recent workplace technology trends as well as the latest advances in mobility and productivity. The podcast offers a more thorough review of the topics covered in Microsoft’s Modern Workplace webcasts.

Why You Should Listen

The Modern Workplace Podcast offers actionable advice from industry experts, innovative thought leaders and the most successful entrepreneurs. Subscribers receive valuable insight into the intersection of business and technology in today’s ever-evolving, digitally-driven workplace. The Modern Workplace Podcast gives facilities managers and workplace leaders an insider’s look at the most effective ways to move their organization forward and build a supportive, encouraging work environment.

Latest Episode

Planning for Cloud Migration

Workplace Champions Podcast

The Workplace Champions Podcast covers best practices for attracting, hiring and inspiring the workforce. It features interviews with the owners and C-suite executives of mid-sized organizations who offer insight into the modern employee experience.

Why You Should Listen

Larger firms often have difficulty showing their employees their work has a purpose. But members of today’s workforce expect work to not just be a means to a paycheck but the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The Workplace Champions Podcast explores how companies can more nimbly approach recruiting and retention by recognizing how the workplace and the workforce are evolving.

Latest Episode

Why Hiring Must Come First | Andy McGraw, CEO, Adelman Travel

Workplace Innovator Podcast

Formerly the FM Innovator Podcast, the Workplace Innovator Podcast is iOFFICE’s own weekly podcast hosted by Mike Petrusky, our Director of Events & Growth Marketing. The Workplace Innovator Podcast discusses how facilities managers and workplace leaders can use technology to build a smart digital workplace that enhances the employee experience.

Why You Should Listen

The Workplace Innovator Podcast features interviews with leaders in corporate real estate and facilities management who offer advice on fostering relationships between the facilities, corporate real estate, human resources and IT departments. These discussions illustrate how cross-departmental communication and collaboration is key to overcoming work challenges and properly supporting the workforce.

Latest Episode

Next Generation Workplace Leadership & FM Education with Dr. Eunhwa Yang