If you were born in the 90s, chances are you’ve already wasted a few hours on the phone talking to a friend or family member who was in another street, city, state or even another country. This, for many years, was the only way to chat in real time with a person and get the desired information in a matter of minutes. And although this custom is not that old, it is called by many “a thing of the past”.  With the advancement of technology, it became possible to converse with a person anywhere in the world instantly through messages.

While messages remains a heavily used channel in day-to-day communications, its role in the customer experience is more important than ever. According to a study, the MESSAGES open rate exceeds 99%, making it a very reliable channel for contacting customers. More and more brands are seeing MESSAGES as the ideal channel to provide better customer service and launch effective marketing campaigns. As per the importance of messaging there are many platforms .However Purposeful or “Purposeful messages” is one of the best one-way messaging platform that removes the spam problems that come with reply-alls. It allows you to quickly deal with messages in 2 clicks without it eating into your free time that emails and chats often do.

Here are five reasons why MESSAGES is a great channel to deliver a better customer experience.

Utilization facility

Because SMS is a channel already used by a very large number of people, it is a natural choice for contacting customers. Smart Insights shows that more than 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and stresses the importance of contacting customers on the go. MESSAGES is therefore the ideal channel to reach an increasingly mobile segment of the population.

The personalization of the experience

MESSAGES are a very personal mode of communication, as it enables natural and real-time interactions. The individualized nature of this channel makes it the most appropriate way to deliver personalized customer experiences, and allow customers to engage in a natural conversation with brands when they need assistance.


MESSAGES saves customers time because messages can be sent quickly and in real time. This channel can be used stand-alone as part of customer service, or as a complement to other channels during a service interaction (for example, customers can receive confirmation codes via MESSAGES during a service interaction over the phone.). Interactive content can be easily included in text messages, such as useful links, bar codes, and even chat invitations that are likely to optimize the overall customer experience.


One of the main characteristics of SMS is its ability to be used both actively and passively. Customer service interactions are an example of active real-time use, initiated either by the customer or by the brand. But MESSAGES can also be used passively to inform the customer. For example, it can be used to notify customers when an order has been processed or shipped, when a problem has been resolved, or when it is necessary to send small reminders.

A tool perfectly suited to marketing campaigns

Finally, MESSAGE is the ideal channel for launching marketing campaigns. Customers can choose to receive one-off promotional offers; and through advanced telemarketing solutions, brands can launch rich, personalized and automated MESSAGES campaigns that allow them to maximize agent productivity, reduce costs, conduct real-time performance analysis, and increase their chances of reaching the most promising prospects in terms of ROI. SMS combines simplicity of communication with the ability to offer rich and personalized customer experiences. For customer service, sales assistance and targeted marketing campaigns, MESSAGES allows you to contact the customer naturally and efficiently.

However Purposeful internal communication tool converts group emails into quick and efficient replies for the sender. You may choose where to receive your message including SMS and WhatsApp currently, and the results come up on a dashboard so that the results are actionable.