One of the keys to getting a brand new startup off the ground is the ability to find great tools to help with all the menial tasks that your team does not have the time. Technology can be a great aid to budding entrepreneurs because it can help to get members of your team on the same page and eliminate mundane to-do lists at the same time. Here are six great tools that do just that:

This app is a connection tool for freelance web developers and designers for businesses that need assistance with a one-time task regarding WordPress, BigCommerce, and Shopify sites. Like other freelance sites, you create the task on their platform and prepay for the job that you want complete. Then a TaskHusky member will do the work assigned to them and send it back to you. If you approve of their work, they get paid.

This service makes sure that meetings do not waste precious time. It increases productivity by helping you plan and share your agenda with others ahead of time. It also measures previous track talks and current tasks to complete.

Lawtrades allows you to be legally prepared to start and continue your business dealings. Unlike hiring an attorney, which is a burdensome expense to cover when you’re just starting, Lawtrades is surprisingly affordable. The service can help you with several legal issues, including contracts, employment law, and business formation paperwork.

When you start a new business, you will probably have to manage several online accounts at one time. Of course, you wouldn’t use the same password for each one, but that is a lot of passwords to memorize. Fortunately, this tool will do the memorizing for you. 1Password comes up with unique passwords for each account, and, after that, you only have to memorize one password to allow the application to get you into every site that you use.

Evernote software is for team collaboration. It keeps all projects together in one place and allows individuals to work together. It syncs across all platforms so you can work in real-time. You could also share ideas and give feedback to others.

This application is for startups that are developing a particular product. It allows you and your team to work on things together and to show progress to one another without slowing down the process. You could display to one team member, or the whole team, your development, including product information if you so choose.

In conclusion, an entrepreneur starting a new venture knows that the more help he or she gets, the faster a company will start up and be on the road to making money. These six tools should help you and your team while starting your new company and keep productivity ramped-up along the way.