Dedicated To: My amazing mother

Fact: A mother’s love is the strongest. Meaning it’s unbreakable, it’s infinite, it’s unconditional. When I remembered that Mother’s Day was approaching, I tried racking my brain for the best gift to give her. It was hard until I reminded myself about my biggest strength, writing. Hence, this article, but I didn’t know what to write my article on. So I reminisced my best memories with my mum and found the one thing in common.

I am unconditionally loved.

2008: The Banner

At this time, my mum had left to go to England on a trip. I cried for the first few days because I had missed her so much. A few days before she came back, my dad came up to my brother and I and said “We’re gonna make a banner for mum for when she returns” so we got to work drawing the words ‘welcome home mum’ in large letters.

As soon as my mum entered the door, we yelled “SURPRISE!” and she was so shocked. I ran down the stairs and hugged her tightly.
“Welcome home mom!” I said, she hugged me back.
“Thanks dinghoo, love you.” She replied,
“Love you too.”
“I love you.”

2012: The Bicycle Incident

I can tell that by the title of this memory, you already know what’s going to happen, but I’m not cliche. So hold your thought right there. That isn’t what I’m talking about.

My mum and I were walking in Walmart to get some groceries when we passed the bicycle section. I found a bright pink bike with tassels and stickers on the front, and immediately I ran over to it.
“Mom! Can I have it?” I asked, she looked at the bike and then at me. She smiled and said.
“One day princess, I promise. I love you.” She said, I smiled back at her.
“I love you too.” I said.
“I love you.”

2019: Yesterday

Yesterday it was Saturday and my mum had gone out to get groceries from the store. She called to make sure she’d gotten everything and to ask if anyone else needed anything. I picked up the phone…

“Hello?” I asked.
“Good Morning Shreyoo, how are you?”
“I’m good, you?”
“Good. Listen I’m at the grocery store. I got the avocados, was there anything else you need?”
“No, just garlic bread since we don’t have any.”
“Ok, I’ll get some. Anything else?”
“Okay, love you.”
“Love you too.” And the call ended.
“I love you.”

Fact: I can’t remember a time where she didn’t say “I love you” and I will never forget that.

So thank you, mum. Thanks for making me and my brother who we are. Thanks for teaching me skills that I would’ve never learned without you. Thanks for supporting me. Thanks for caring for me, feeding me, and loving me. Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.
Shreya ❤


  • Shreya Ladva

    16 year old writer and filmmaker

    Shreya Ladva is a young writer who is deeply interested in spreading happiness. Publishing articles since she was 14, Shreya loves to write a variety of works ranging from screenplays to short stories. She encourages others and has a deep affection for her family, friends, and the city of Vancouver, Canada where she grew up.