As the best in the business will tell you, bidding is about timing, and while some of us are first-time online shoppers, this doesn’t mean the other shoppers will go easy on us. Think of it this way: It is like going to a retail store nearby on payday, which means everyone will be there too and they are looking for the same product you are. The only difference is we don’t all have the same amount of money. So being there with everyone else means, more time spent at the store and walking away without what you came for.

The best retail shoppers will choose a time when there are fewer people at the store, or go somewhere a bit farther than everyone else would. That is how shopping on eBay should be approached. The best time is when everyone else is too occupied to be online, because the more people there are, the higher the price for something will be due to the bidding.

Also, bidding is about making an offer for a product, like at an auction. Only this is an online auction, so they could pull the rug from under you fast if you are new. That’s why we’re here to make sure that you don’t go at it alone, and have enlisted the help of savvy online shoppers to give you tips on the best times to shop when you’re on eBay.

The right time to place your bid

Most people will tell you that the last minutes of an auction is the best time to shop. However, the risk is that you could find that most people wait to bid until the last minute of the auction, therefore raising the prices even higher, which means that you end up paying more than you initially budgeted for. So what then? Instead of just waiting to bid 15 minutes before closure, rather wait for off-peak times, also referred to as “non-peak” times. This is because the less the people there are, the lower the price you have to pay for the goods.

Night owls get the best deals!

Off-peak times are times when everyone else is too busy to shop online. Those are the times when you should make time to shop. Some people confess to getting the best deals between 1 am and 2 am when people are too tired to be up because they have work or school the next day. If you were to bid on an item the last few minutes during these times, you might just get the item at a price that works for you.

Non-peak times

Late Friday evenings are prime time for bidding because the mood before the weekend begins is characterized by enjoying a great time outdoors, not online. During this time, people want to go out and have a drink or two and relax, which makes it the ideal time to go online and bid.

Weekdays: early morning and late evening. In the morning people are either at work or rushing to work. Late evenings everyone is probably back home too tired from work to do much. If you have enough fuel in your system still and are in need of some goods, jump on the bandwagon and get online!

eBay language skills

This is a bit unorthodox because while language isn’t about time it can create a platform where you can get yourself the goods you need before anyone else bids for them. Most e-bay shoppers recommend that you misspell the items you are looking for to mislead other bidders. This trick will help you locate what you are looking for and get it: right under everyone else’s noses. It might seem like a sneaky trick but it can go a long way to help you snatch prime items for a fraction of its original price. For more information visit