Hey! Vivien here.

Many of us hate traffic jams especially on the roads we usually use. But have you ever thought of driving another route, and how could you be sure that the other route is not congested?

I had a epiphany today. This afternoon, I was still thinking about whether I should take a taxi today, but I’m glad I did, because I got some inspiration from my driver who has unique views on how he makes a living and how he avoids the traffic.

I realise that there’s 3 main types of taxi drivers:
1. Totally chilled when there’s traffic 
2. Swears and gets angry when traffic
3. Cuts line and drives over speed limit to shorten time stuck in traffic

And then there’s the driver I just ad…

Checks his Google map whether there’s traffic on the roads, and choose the fastest route possible yet keeps within the speed limit. Chilled and saves time — more money yet maintains positive emotional level.

Thought this was brilliant as I haven’t seen a driver doing this. When asking drivers what is the best route to go, they usually go according to their experience, and many times they get tricked by their own experience and chose a slower route with traffic jam because it’s normally faster. Even more so, they get accused by passengers for choosing the slower way.

By using Google map to check the route before they drive, it eliminates the if and if nots type of situation, but allows us to pick the right route according to facts and data by Google.

Saves soooo much time.

What are some of the best travel hacks you have? Share below!

Originally published at medium.com