We create for many reasons. 

Some people write. Some people teach, others build, or fix, or count, or paint, or organize, or encourage. Whatever you create, you know you have your reasons. 

Your purpose is a magical force the propels actions and helps you help others. 

I write for many reasons.

I think Darius Foroux said it well:

“What really makes me happy is when I’m useful. When I create something that others can use. Or even when I create something I can use.” 

That is why I write. To be useful. My purpose is to be useful, and so is yours. 

Also, I write to learn, to feel, to reflect, to experience, to love, to show love, to give, to reduce anxiety, to overcome fear, to share myself, to learn about myself, and to encourage others. 

When you create you are applying double empathy. Empathy for yourself, and empathy for others. Your empathy allows you to understand and produce. 

Consistency in creation is your secret power. 

When you are consistent, you will eventually find yourself. You will fulfill your potential. 

Since January 1, 2017 I have written and published every day. Every. Single. Day.

Each day I would ask myself: What lessons did I learn today? 

This is what October taught me. 

Do Anything Oct. 1, 2018

You could do anything. Should you? Focus and do what you are great at and you will always feel better. By choosing to not do everything, you increase your chance at success in everything else you do.

You Should Write Oct. 2, 2018

Write down what you do, keep a written record, a journal. By keeping a written record of your life you are keeping yourself accountable. Learn from your valuable experiences, all your experiences are valuable. When you write down a problem, you magically find ways to solve it. Solutions have space to form when you write down the problem.

Change Yourself First Oct. 3, 2018

Nothing is going to change. You just need to change. If you change, it will all change. Take personal responsibility. You can’t change the circumstances; you can only change yourself. No one else can change your life. Reap the harvest without complaint. Take full responsibility for everything you do. You can determine your value.

Erase & Eliminate Oct. 4, 2018

Total responsibility only exists when you erase all blame and when you eliminate all excuses. Regardless of the negative experiences, the bad circumstances, true responsibility is the only way to overcome all obstacles and live to your true potential.

Errors or Accuracy Oct. 5, 2018

Your personal philosophy is the reason you are where you are. Error or accuracy in judgment based on your personal philosophy and determines your life, it is these errors or inaccuracies that determine your success.

Discipline Creates Options Oct. 6, 2018

You never have to be the same after today. A few simple disciplines practiced every day create new growth, new opportunities. Eliminate errors by creating discipline. You can start a new process for your life today. Create new habits but focusing on being more disciplined. The more discipline you have, the more options you create.

What Not To Do Oct. 7, 2018

The real secret to long-term success is choosing what not do. Knowing what you WON’T do allows you to stay focused and create the best foundation for future growth.

Being Different Oct. 8, 2018

Just being different is not a strategy. Knowing what differences are important is the first step. Defining the actions it takes to be different is another step. Taking proper action is another step. Then sharing with others those actions is the final step. Be different, don’t just talk differences.

I Write Because I Read Oct. 9, 2018

When you know why do you something, doing it becomes easy, no matter the obstacles.

How To Know If Something Is Wrong Oct. 10, 2018

The only 2 things that actually matter: Family & Freedom

*Family (Relationships, God, Service)

*Freedom (Health, Personal, Financial)

If what you are doing doesn’t strengthen your freedom or your family, something is wrong.

Action = Choice Oct. 11, 2018

Everything you do is always a choice. Sometimes you might have instant feelings, or emotions, or even thoughts that surprise you. Yet, they do not cause action until you allow them to stay. Actions are always a choice.

Finding Freedom Oct. 12, 2018

One of the most ultimate gifts – you can give others in this life – is helping people to acquire more freedom. Truth brings freedom. Self-sufficiency brings freedom. Health brings freedom. Just laws allow room for freedom. When they are free they can pursue what brings them joy, they can pursue meaningful relationships, and they can serve others. Serving and empowering others is the best way you can help others find freedom.

The Power of Commitment Oct. 13, 2018

Commitment overpowers everything. It surrounds you and runs through your veins. When you are committed, everyone knows. When you are committed, nothing gets in your way. Commitment doesn’t understand setbacks; it just keeps searching until it finds what it is looking for. You always get what you are committed to, what you tolerate. Commit and make your magic.

Wasting Potential Oct. 14, 2018

The most wasteful you will ever be is when you work to acquire knowledge without ever taking the matching action.

So You’re Saying There’s a Chance? Oct. 15, 2018

If you keep going, there always is a chance for success. If you keep going when everyone else has quit, you will guarantee your success. Keep going.

Pride vs Love Oct. 16, 2018

Pride tells you to fight. Love tells you to understand. Pride tells you to talk. Love tells you to listen.

Transform Oct. 17, 2018

Humans connect with stories. We connect our past to our future with the stories we tell ourselves. We connect to others with the stories we listen to. Stories help us feel emotions and have the power to transform. The world’s greatest teachers all teach/taught with stories.

Habits Create Space Oct. 18, 2018

Habits give us the ability to create, the space to think. If we are consistently thinking about what we are doing, we cannot focus on what we are creating. Good habits give us freedom, bad habits hold us back.

Actions & Actions & Actions Oct. 19, 2018

Action creates action. The more we do, the more we can do. The more we overcome, the stronger we become. The cycle is magnified when we help others take action. By helping others, we exponentially raise our potential to do more and be more. By helping others, we learn to fulfill our potential.

Don’t Dwell Oct. 20, 2018

Since we are not perfect, the best thing we can do is move on. Do not dwell on your mistakes, only think about them long enough to learn and improve.

You Can Look Harder Oct. 21, 2018

We need each other. Look for ways to help those who need you.

Power of Purpose Oct. 22, 2018

Purpose is what keeps us going when everything else falls apart.

Be Useful Oct. 23, 2018

Wanting to be needed is real, yet basing our actions around that want causes us pain and suffering. As we change our expectations, our life changes. We find fulfillment as we accomplish our purpose, and that purpose never revolves around the want to be needed. It revolves around the action of being useful.

Peace and Comfort Oct. 24, 2018

When you know where to go for true peace, and true comfort, your life will always find its course. You can always get back on the right track if you understand that the source of truth also wants you to succeed and will give you everything you need if you are willing to be a bit more humble. It takes action, and courage is action and the action of courage is needed to find and then accept the truth.

To Be Useful, Start With Empathy Oct. 25, 2018

To create something useful it takes incredible empathy. Empathy does not mean you know or understand what someone is going through, but it means you TRY. You try to understand, you try to feel, you try to comprehend, and you will fall short, you will fail. But you will get close enough.

See Again Oct. 26, 2018

Taking actions erases doubt, fear, and worry. Since we can’t focus on two things at the same time, if we are present in our minds (totally aware) and are focused on the actions we are taking, our inner pain gets muted, are usefulness increases and we begin to see differently.

How To Respond Oct. 27, 2018

When faced with any type of obstacle it is important to know how to respond. Some situations require you to attack, approach the problem head-on. Some require you to wait or ignore. Some challenges require you to ask others for help. Others require that you change your route. It is often hard to know which approach is needed. You will never go wrong by following the EARAR Method.

Evaluate – understand the situation.

Act – do something, do anything.

Re-Evaluate – analyze your actions.

Adjust – change your actions based on the initial results.

Repeat – act again, reevaluate, adjust, repeat.

Active Patience Oct. 28, 2018

Active patience leads to progress and growth. Being patient does not mean being still, or inactive. Being patient is a mindset. You can still take action. You should take action while patiently working towards your goals.

Become The Best Oct. 29, 2018

If you have the attitude that you can hold something back, your attitude is one of an amateur. You need to treat your goals and ambitions like they matter, like you actually care. Give your everything and you will always feel satisfied.

Paying For It Oct. 30, 2018

To become the best, you must pay the price. You have to suffer for it. You will hurt, but you will become who you were meant to become.

Play Hurt Oct. 31, 2018

To be trusted and valued you must show up every day. You must be patient. You do not let challenges stop you. While you feel the bruises you keep going. Even when everyone is against you and the stones are being thrown, you embrace the pain and then keep going. Then push forward into the pain because you know that people rely on you.

Your best version of you is best for them too. 

You don’t have to write to create. You can create in so many ways. However, you create, just keep doing. You are strong enough to continue, to push forward, to realize your potential. You are more powerful than you think. Keep going. 

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