As to-do lists become unmanageable with ever-growing catalogs of tasks, stress is an omnipresent element in our lives. An often ambiguous concept, stress manifests itself differently in each of us, making its presence known in a variety of ways. Sometimes, stress has a direct impact on our physical health, elevating our heart rate, increasing fatigue, and impacting our sleep. Other consequences are more invisible; high levels of cortisol wear down the brain’s ability to function properly resulting in a shrinking effect on the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, there is a $4.2 trillion dollar industry dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle. With endless options for wellness products at our fingertips, how does the average consumer make informed wellness purchase decisions? A team of scientists at Jacksonville University conducted a clinical study putting one brand to the test.

 What Is Natural Frequency Technology?

A popular solution for people subject to chronic stress is Natural Frequency Technology by Nexquest found in Philip Stein products. Throughout the day our body’s electromagnetic field interacts with other magnetic fields, some naturally occurring and others that are man-made, including electronic devices. Philip Stein’s products are embedded with Natural Frequency Technology that resonates with our body, strengthening our bio-magnetic field. The brand’s proprietary recipe of frequencies creates the desired effect in the body, whether it be calming, focusing, or getting a good night’s rest.

To explore Natural Frequency Technology’s direct impact on users, a team of scientists at Jacksonville University initiated a clinical study on healthy adults who experience stress to examine the efficacy of Natural Frequency Technology found in Phillip Stein Wellness Watches. The study encompassed measuring participants’ levels of stress, wellness, sleep quality, and cognition while wearing Natural Frequency Technology.

The Results

After an objective, double blind study spanning four weeks, the Jacksonville University team found an extremely clear case in which Natural Frequency Technology was statistically shown to significantly improve mood, stress, food cravings, and cognitive function. A direct result of experiencing less stress throughout the day, Natural Frequency Technology wearers overwhelmingly reported an improvement in overall sleep quality.

The team tapped 42 healthy adults ranging from 25 to 65 years of age who reported experiencing stress to participate in the study. Throughout the study, participants journaled detailing their stress levels each day, answering perceived stress scale questionnaires and completing standardized tests in Jacksonville University’s lab to measure cognitive function. During half of the study, participants wore a placebo Wellness Watch, while the other half wore Philip Stein’s Wellness Watch embedded with Natural Frequency Technology, and vice versa. The widely positive results demonstrated Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology is a safe and effortless way to improve stress, wellness, and memory.

How It Works

Some stress can be beneficial to our health and overall wellness – a challenge to keep us alert and motivated. Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology serves as a supplemental solution for stress relief, emitting feelings of calm and serenity throughout the body to battle the negative impacts of chronic stress. While wearing any of Philip Stein’s wellness pieces, wearers can achieve the ultimate goal of equilibrium between juggling the harmful effects of negative stress and overall wellness.

A simple solution to dramatically improve comprehensive well being, Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology serves as an accessible resource for consumers around the globe. Simply wearing the technology on your person as a sophisticated timepiece or bracelet improves stress, mood, and contentment. Thanks to Jacksonville University’s expert team in health behavior at the Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Studies, consumers can rest assured that Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology is a safe and efficient way to cope with stress while harnessing the technology you already possess inside your body. To learn more about Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology, visit Philip