Today is World Mental Health Day!

How are you caring for your mental health? It’s as important as brushing your teeth.

Joining me for today’s powerful and healing meditation is a great place to start. 11 quick minutes will change your day and your perspective.

Why do we need to care about our mental health?

For months now, many of us may have felt like we have been drowning in the weight of a broken human spirit and in a disbelief that people of our world could treat each other the way they have been.

Division and hatred have somehow become acceptable and normal.

We are not built like this.
We are truly built to love and connect with everyone.
We are all one.

So when our world is separated into pieces and goes against our destined programmed way of being- it takes a toll on our mental health.

Perhaps you can identify why you are feeling sad and depressed.

But for many, there is an overall malaise and sadness that overtakes them throughout the day and it is has so much to do with our separation from who we are and the antagonistic experience of the world right now.

Were you ever lost in the store as a small child? How did you feel?

Scared, lost, upset, not sure what would happen next?

Sounds a lot like how you might feel right now too, huh?

Back then, that little child was trying to find its way back home to the person who would provide for and protect.

We are looking for that same thing now too.

But it is not outside of you.

The connection you establish during meditation restores you, replenishes you and helps you to feel protected and provided for every moment of the day.

It helps you to find your way back to connection and collaboration.

We have experienced many fundamentally deep-rooted tragedies this year.

We are all experiencing The Deep Plunge right now, a plunge that takes us to the deepest parts of our heart and soul.

My hope for you is that you also experience The Great Stillness that comes with that plunge too.

Imagine standing on the ledge of a rock diving cliff, staring down at the dark blue lake water beneath you as you decide to jump in. Upon impact of the water’s barrier, there is great immediate pain.

You feel the velocity of your body coursing through the water as it rushes past your face, feeling a bit out of control, with no idea when you will slow down until you ultimately stop your descent.

This moment is a place of stillness, connection and calm. The place and the millisecond before your body changes its’ trajectory and chooses between staying down below or rising to the surface.

It is in this moment of stillness where we change trajectory and begin again.

As you reach the surface, you bring with you the calm and connection that you experienced at the bottom of your Deep Plunge. Your ripple offers peace and calm to the ducks, soothes fish, removes unnecessary dirt and some ripples even travel to shore to bless others.   

These waters we are treading in right now are full of ripples of intensity.

Our waters are filled with racism, broken trust, and a human spirit that longs for more. It longs to change the trajectory of what we have seen this past year.

We can do this by strengthening our own connection and sense of peace in our own Deep Plunge.

You see, as we all jump into these waters, gravity sees no difference between anyone one of us. As we jump, we are all pulled down to the center of the earth. 

Perhaps our mass may make our trip faster or slower, longer or shorter but we are all pulled into the same moment, the moment of stillness and connection. The moment we can all choose to change our trajectory. It is in this stillness where we meet as One.

We all reach this place.

The Great Stillness is the pivotal moment of The Big Plunge. But you don’t have to jump off a cliff into a beautiful lake to find your moment of stillness.  

It’s not about the lake.

It’s about finding this moment and quietness inside of you that is connected to something far greater than you. It is this place where we are all connected. Once established, you can bring that peace and calm with you to the surface and offer it up as your ripple effect to the world.

Feel like you need a vacation or want to jump into your Great Stillness to find your own calm and comfort? Join me for today’s meditation, The Great Plunge, and we can find peace and mental health together.

Much love,