Making mistakes is part of life and business.

But in business, some mistakes are more costly than others and could be hurting your chances of success. 

I think there are just some mistakes that are unavoidable and sometimes you need to make them to learn from them, but there are other mistakes that can and should be avoided when starting your own business.

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes I see when it comes to new entrepreneurs:

Not having a marketing and sales strategy

When you don’t actually have a plan or strategy then you won’t really know what’s working and what’s not. At least having some sort of plan to be able to measure results against will help you not continue making the same mistake over and over again and will provide a ton of insight into where things can be tweaked. 

Not showing up as the person you want to attract

If you continue getting the same type of clients, the same responses from people, hearing the same objections, there is probably something you are doing to continue to attract these same people. Take a look at how you are showing up and if there is something you can change about what you’re doing to attract the people you really want to be working with.

Not being consistent

Why is consistency so important? If you are not showing up consistently for your audience and clients that is how they will show up for you. You cannot build trust with your audience without consistency and people are not going to take you and your business seriously if you are not consistent. 

Expecting that people will just come to them

It takes time for you to become known as an expert and an authority. It takes time for people to recognize that and seek you out. To create predictability in your business and not be waiting around forever for a sale you have to reach out to people, build relationships, and know how to get clients without people necessarily having to inquire with you first. 

Doing too much

Many think that by adding more, doing more and working harder, that that is when they are going to see results. But that’s not the case. More does not equal better or better results. Simplifying what you do and your business model helps you not only mentally (less stress) but also helps your audience understand you and what you do better. Your messaging will be even clearer because you will have to choose the one thing that you do and you do best.