We live in a rare time offering us the opportunity to bring our gifts and honed abilities into the world in brand-new ways. Ironically, we often can feel lost as we strive to find our niche and how to serve. Sometimes we can feel like a newly-blind man in a forest that has no defined path. Not yet trusting his other senses or even his guide dog, he may be fearful. Continue reading to understand the blessings of temporarily feeling lost.

Blessings of Feeling Lost

It’s human to feel lost sometimes. Acknowledging this fact helps you relax about your seeming dilemma.
I say “seeming dilemma” because it’s more of a blessing than a dilemma – when looked at from a higher view. Anytime we think we’re lost, our wise inner voice is activated and can show us what we need to see, change, and do. As with any seemingly-random happenstance designed to help us evolve, the state of feeling lost is indeed a wake-up call. It is a blessing.

Feeling lost is a “normal” part of the human condition – arising when we need to reset our course, expand our view, make deep changes within, and shift how we serve in the world. It is not accidental.
It’s our ego-self telling us that we’re lost. That same part of us tells us all sorts of other nonproductive things, too – like what’s wrong with us, what we can’t do, why we can’t adapt in a changing world that requires that we adapt in order to thrive and live in joy.

As I often say, our world is in mega change during the 2020s. We must change with it. This means regular adapting to new norms, new ways of expressing ourselves, new ways of serving. We wouldn’t be here now if we couldn’t do this – remember that when you get discouraged.

Finding Your North Star

Think of a newly-blind man in the forest, accompanied by a guide dog. He only recently lost his sight. He doesn’t yet trust his other senses, and he’s becoming accustomed to trusting his dog to guide him. For him, everything seems strange, unfamiliar, and uncertain. At any moment, he could step on a sharp rock he can’t see, or become anxious when he hears the bushes rustling as a small animal runs by. He’s not really in danger – he has a trained guide dog – yet he’s feeling fragile and afraid. Most likely, he also feels alone.

We are no different than this man when we feel temporarily lost and without direction. We have inner guidance that can show us the way. Many of us have specific spiritually-grounded tools and spiritual practice to apply in such circumstances, too.

Even with our tools and remembering that we have inner guidance, we remain vulnerable to our own ego that tries to convince us something is wrong – even worse, that something is wrong with us. Unless we become present to this dynamic in the moment, we can lose precious time and energy wrapped up in the ego’s stories of lack.

To shift out of this conundrum, it’s essential that we connect with our north star. What’s that? It’s the part of our inner being that guides us forward and keeps us on track with our larger purpose for being alive now.

This isn’t about a job or a certain role. It’s our cosmic big-picture view of our life in this moment.

This perspective doesn’t involve timings per se. It isn’t about a grand plan, with all of the steps laid out. As you can imagine, this approach can make your ego-self angry – for it wants timings and all sorts of details that only show up with divine orchestration.

Reflective Process
Reflect on what I’ve outlined here. For optimal benefit, give yourself quiet time alone and still your mind before reflecting. Go to your heart and ground yourself. Purposefully let go of thoughts and concerns you have about feeling lost and notions of where you “should” be. Then get Very Quiet for at least 10 minutes – longer if you can. After that, return to life activities with the intention that you are a blank slate. Let things be for the rest of the day and into your dream state. In the morning, notice how you feel and what new insights came – trusting that a new level of awareness indeed is there.

I look forward to your feedback on this article and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2021. Feel free to contact me at my website.