Directed, written and produced by: Michaela Guzy; Hosted by: Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols & Michaela Guzy; Shot by: Zac Osgood, Mike Tosner, Stephen Venezia, Ben Dishun, Ryan Carpenter, Funaction Gunn Hill Panama, Matthew Hotsko, What Took You So Long?; Edited by: Kaitlyn Jackson; Audio Mixed by: Novacaine Studios; Music by: Premium Beat.

Additional footage courtesy of Resurface Documentary and Richard Yelland & “Between Two Harbors” Documentary.

Did you know oceans cover 71% of the planet–providing food, jobs, homes for aquatic wildlife and travel opportunities ranging from the romantic to hardcore adventure expeditions? Join OTPYM Founder Michaela Guzy as we learn how our oceans are so much more valuable than we realize.

Dive into the issues affecting our oceans with ocean expert, marine biologist and author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols. “J” has dedicated his career to studying the intersection of neuroscience and the ocean– what became known as the Blue Movement. Explore the fascinating positive impact of the ocean on each one of us and the research J has conducted to prove its benefits on our well being.

And like J., Michaela works to uncover, support and amplify organizations who are working to protect our oceans, whether it be sustainable seafood manufacturing, saving baby sea turtles $1 at a time, surfers whose tourism dollars and volunteer efforts are educating children on remote islands in Panama or using the healing properties of the ocean to help veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Global awareness of the Blue Movement is small in comparison to the Green Movement, yet the scale of the issues are equally as urgent, real and much larger. However fear, guilt and facts alone don’t build long term support or sustainably effect change. J. and the organizations Blue Mind Life vets and supports create a foundation and recipe for an effective movement that you too can get involved in. A blueprint, you might say.

Special thanks to: A76 Productions, Blue Mind Life, Scott DellaPeruta, Destination New South Wales, Matt Diserio, Anna Doubilet, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Give & Surf, Hamilton Island, The Lash Loft, Kalu Yala, Sara Michaelis, Nau Clothing, Organic Ocean, Port Douglas Tourism, Sisley Paris, Soho House, Sustain the Stoke, The City of Vancouver Parks & Recreation, Tourism Australia, Tourism Victoria, Turner PR, Erike Prafder and Susan Verde, Virgin Australia, Western Australia, and Windstar Cruises.

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