I’d like to tell you a story.

About a year ago a client shows up for reiki with me. Standard physical complaints for a woman in her sixties I guess – back ache, not sleeping well, some vertigo and headaches. Nothing out of the ordinary really.

I observed this kind lady as she spoke, telling me that she had spent a fair amount of time and money on visiting a physiotherapist to help sort her back out all to no avail. Her posture was still way out of whack, with a pronounced over rounding of her upper back (kyphosis) that affected everything from her movement to her sleep, and understandably her mood.

A standard session with me covers the whole body from head to toe, as usually what is manifesting in the body started way, way earlier in the mind. Don’t believe me? Well consider that every time you think a thought a specific neuropeptide is released by the brain that then takes action in a certain part of the body…With enough persistent thoughts a muscle can take a real pounding over the years.

I was confident that reiki energy could unlock whatever was trapped in my clients upper back. Trauma doesn’t lie – it literally is what it is. A collection of emotional toxicity stored in the body for all to see.

I have an enormous faith in the incredible energy that comes through when I’m working on a client. I know that whatever needs to be lifted away, is. And I know that whatever needs to come in, does. Call this energy what you will – God, mass consiouness, angels…I’m really not fussed. But it’s certainly something and it knows you intimately. The things you thought you’d buried? Well, it’s time to let them go.

After the session, my client felt incredibly relaxed of course and in this profound relaxing space she had managed to access a memory…something that she hadn’t spoken about in a long time.

A memory of abuse at the hands of her primary school teachers. A memory of being publicly shamed and humiliated in front of her peers. A memory that for all these years had kept her feeling so, so small.

A memory that explained why she still stood with her shoulders hunched low and her head down almost sixty years later… A memory and a realisation that was about to set her free.

See the thing is, she didn’t need her spine straightening.

She needed her soul straightening.

She needed her trauma lifting.

Once she truly recognised that she was no longer that frightened little girl and furthermore that what was done to her was deeply wrong, and crucially not her fault, well, she could…breathe again. And open up. And stop hiding in her own shadow. And man, was that glorious to see!

To date I’m pleased to report that my lovely client no longer needs to visit the physio…

And so I’ll finish this story by gently suggesting that the thing you think is wrong with you might have much deeper origins than you can imagine. And that reiki could help you lift it right out.

Sending you so much love,