A week ago I was exchanging messages with my eldest daughter. We don’t message often, these days. My children are adult and we live in four different cities, three different countries. Thankfully, they acknowledge that I’ve never tried to strip them on my belt, and it has proven good for them. I admit that it feels awkward when they are away, and I miss them like my finger or three. But that’s me and my empty-nester phase in life.

Over time, our discussions have changed subject and scope. These days we are more likely to discuss teenager stuff-include me in the teenager description.

My daughter suggested that I watch a Netflix series she had just seen, in one of those exchanges. I quite like that. It shows she knows my tastes by now and cares to make me enjoy something new. I know, I’ll always exaggerate when defending my kids, I have made my peace with that by now.

The production she suggested is called “The Bold Type”. Perhaps you are aware of it, perhaps not, so here is a summary. Three female friends work in a lively young women’s magazine, and we get to follow their personal and professional ups and downs. Being in the business from my twenties, I know how it is. And despite the infamous editor at the Parda film, this The Bold Type portrays women in a far less bitchy way than we have been used to. The Bold Type journalists help each other, support each other and care for each other despite their differences.

Did women progress so far in the real world or is this the vision of the program’s writers encouraging female synergies? I’d really like to know, so if anyone from the series productions reads, I’ll be contacting you real soon to find out.

I have been watching the series every day, with a most memorable binge-watching from night till dawn, before I headed to my office in the morning with two hours’ sleep. And you know what? I felt invigorated by the zest of those fictional young women and their editor-in-chief because that is how life in this business should be. That is how women in every business should be.

“Go see it, mum”, my daughter said. “You are definitively the bold type”.

Gosh I love my children -Thank You, Netflix!