Kicking off a new season, Rebecca Jarvis turns the table on her co-host Natalia Brzezinski and interviews her about her journey as the daughter of American immigrants, to professional athlete, to working in the US Senate, living in the US Embassy in Sweden, to becoming a mother and now the CEO of Symposium Stockholm and host of Brilliant Minds conference. They also introduce the theme of this year’s Brilliant Minds conference, “Numanity”, the marriage between humanity and technology — how technology will change the definition of humanity. Produced in collaboration with ABC Radio.


  • Natalia Brzezinski

    CEO, Brilliant Minds Foundation

    Natalia Brzezinski serves as the CEO of Brilliant Minds Foundation, an initiative focused on bringing together traditional, long-term business families and major tech founders to debate the convergence of humanity and technology.  She also serves as CEO for Brilliant Minds annual two-day leadership summit in the creative setting of Stockholm where specifically chosen guests from the worlds of business, technology, art, music and science, meet in a marriage of tradition and disruption, values and innovation, to debate and create. Natalia is an experienced moderator, journalist, and communications strategist focused on building dynamic dialogue across numerous sectors and cultures. She has held cutting-edge roles in the U.S. Senate Press Office for Senator John Kerry, to The Huffington Post, to the U.S. Embassy in Sweden focusing on the intersect of digitalization and diplomacy, innovation and leadership.

    Natalia is also the host of the podcast series, The Brilliant Minds Podcast, a Spotify original podcast and one of Spotify’s earliest pieces of original content.  She holds open and honest conversations with leading entrepreneurs, politicians, artists and activists that share a passion for leveraging creativity for impact.