In honor of Recovery Month…..
I would like to share how grateful I am to be a sober mom. The picture here is of my two teenagers on their first day of school 2017. I took the picture and realized there are probably a lot of moms struggling still with alcohol or drugs and feel a huge amount of guilt and shame. So I want all moms out there to know that 10 years ago I stood at the bus stop on the first day of school with a coffee mug full of Vodka. I had no choice alcohol had owned me and I was full of shame guilt and fear. The next year I surrendered and took back my life. So in 2008 I stood at the bus stop with coffee in my coffee cup and a big smile on my face because that morning I stood with humility and gratitude knowing that one day at a time my life was being transformed. The last nine years have been full of ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade any of the downs as I am on a journey and my only desire is to share my truth so that no other woman feels like shit or ashamed that she is stuck in addiction.
You are worth it! Stand with me at the bus stop sober next year. ❤️