Close Your Eyes….


Quiet your mind…

Slowly place your thoughts upon your heart. Shift your mind into your heart-space….Have you ever wondered why do we have to remind ourselves to treat ourselves well?

Why do we work so hard to make others feel better about themselves but never afford ourselves the same blinding love and effort?

We do it with our co-workers and colleagues, the barista at the coffee shop, the waiter at the restaurant and the clerk in the department store, but why is it so important to us that others like us?

Shouldn’t we be more concerned to know that we like ourselves? Why does this happen? Why do we do this?

It happens because we are wired for connection and one-ness, we do this in an effort to reconnect to that core desire we all have inside, to feel loved.

What if we woke every morning and made a promise to love ourselves just enough today?

Just enough that we remember who we truly are, just enough that we feel the deep warm stirring within our hearts that we matter, that we are good and kind and just enough that we remember we are important and filled with greatness.

“What is greatness?” she asked.

“Greatness is knowing that you are made in the image of God and that your life has meaning, no matter what profession you work in or how your life is graded by the status quo societal expectations of a husband, two kids, a mortgage and a retirement fund.”

Greatness….roll it around in your mouth.

Grrreaatness, grrreat like the Tigger character from Winnie the Pooh?

No, softer, greatness, like the sacred seed of the lotus flower or the seed of the oak who knows its purpose is to bloom and bestow beauty upon the land or to grow tall and mighty. They do not seek acceptance from the world first in order to fulfill their legacies, rather, they are wired to fulfill their destinies.

You are already wired to fulfill your destiny. Hmmm…..

Like a magnificent Botticelli or Monet, your cells already know what to do…you need only decide.

Decide what? Decide to allow the process and assume you are already wired for your own unique brand of greatness.

Isn’t it amazing when we ponder it, just how often we make ourselves smaller, dim our light, and think we are being what is expected of us.

“Oh this old outfit, thanks, it was on sale.”

“No, I couldn’t possibly” (when she really wants to.)

“I completely understand and agree, he was the better choice for the promotion” (when inside she does not understand and is screaming.)

“Dinner will be ready soon” (as she dreams of her 6 figure income.)

“No, no, I’m fine, just tired” (when she’s really tired of holding in her greatness in order to make everyone’s world around her safe, warm, comfortable.)

We were taught that this is how to show love, to take care of those around you.

Be a lady.

Expected of us. Hmm.. Humble. Kind. Nurturing. Giving. Yes, we are all those things, but we are also

Trailblazers. Warriors. Way-showers of Light. Power Lighthouses. Sexy. Smart and Lionesses. Roar.

Be a lady. “I’d rather be a Warrior.”

My father used to teach me what was acceptable and ladylike, translation, 1950’s version in his head of a well mannered, sophisticated woman who was a lovely cook, wife and hostess.

After a few “what the?? I’m your 9th child and there is nothing about all that (circling my finger around his analogy) that even remotely interests me.”

“I want to be a Buddhist” (he was a very devout Catholic)

“I want to go to India and stay in an ashram and learn yoga” (his chest feeling restricted)

“I want to be a cop” (I thought he was going to have a heart attack right there on the carpet in his den)

“Dad, ladies today aren’t genteel” (extra enunciation for effect)

We are strong, smart, driven, independent, we don’t want the old ways to determine our opinions, we want to blaze a new world trail and make up our own minds.

I was 23 and moving out. It was a big star on my life calendar when my dad drove to my apartment and came in for a rum and coke and to hear some jazz (some things from the old ways are just too good to give up.)

I made sure I had his favorites.

Wait…was I just pleasing my dad to feel loved?



No…I was showing him my greatness, my independence, my trailblazing, while showing him he had nothing to worry about (and that yes, I was still a lady and a hostess but on my terms dammit)

I was showing him my unique brand of greatness.

Greatness makes space for others while you focus on yourself

Living from your Sacred Heart-space every single day is better than any diet, exercise regime, meditation, yoga practice or hot bath with candles and essential oils.

The frequencies of your greatness are wired into the field of your heart and when we tune in and pay attention, consciously, with presence, the whole world can shift on it axis for us.

Synchronicities line up

We beam a resonance that draws to us the matching manifestations

Your heart blasts its unique frequencies (that hold your deep desires that your consciousness keeps whispering to you in attempt to get you to connect your mind consciously with your heart)

Are you seeing the perfection in the set up?

The only thing that gets in the way of manifesting the dream desires that you hold is the lack of belief in your greatness which resides quietly and patiently in your heart.

Sister…it’s time to get out of the way and get into your heart.

Big love. All love. There is only love…(and greatness)

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