What we see now is not where we were. There have been changes beyond our wildest expectations and we find ourselves in a new landscape.

What’s really changed? You have to look closer. To peer into the murkiness and see through the fog that is only just starting to lift.

The expectations of those who are employed in business have changed. Changed to what? This is where the trickiness lies. Everyone has had their eyes opened, but are they willing to say what they really want? Wanting to work from home, work less hours, take more time off. Spend less time in an office. Spend time reflecting, evaluating, leaving laptops and desks gathering dust.

Realising that what really gives them momentum and purpose is light, nature, silence, peace, walking, feeling and listening.

Taking time out, time to understand each other, to speak to each other of their deepest desires. What lights them up, what keeps the flame burning, what are they passionate about?

First there needs to be trust, to stand up and say everything has changed. “Are you ready to change, I am”.

The leader that knows that everything is different and the way ahead is no longer clear, only because you have not created it yet.

Giving space to speak out without judgement, without opinion. Allowing expression, rewriting of the workplace, giving fresh perspective, a new vision, a new mission.

What kind of leader does this require?

A brave one, a committed one, one that dares to lead differently. From the heart, from the purpose, from the essence within. With empathy, compassion, courage, taking the organisation in a different direction, with a different hearbeat.

Spending time with individuals, hearing about their strengths, experiences, triumphs and failures, first sharing their own.

Then creating a path of purpose for each individual, not a role or a title, for a person. More time spent nurturing, creating space, having comforting and encouraging words.

When can you do this, I haven’t got time. Yet you have done the work yourself, the inner work to understand that this isn’t about time. This is about expression, sharing, vulnerability, intuition, knowledge and timing.

Knowing when to leap forward, knowing when to step back, knowing when to let someone else lead, knowing when to let everyone lead, as everyone is a leader and they are here to lead. In the very thing that they were born to do. Find it, know it, allow it to be used and allow it to be shared.

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