Month by month, as time goes by and efforts increase in magnitude, we often feel our level of energy dipping as we edge towards our goals. We need to ask ourselves ‘Why do I burn out sometimes on my journey to the ‘big finish’?

The answer lies in the domain of perception. The outlook we have while we inch towards success often determines whether we emerge victorious. Being positive about what we set out to achieve is what makes the difference. So what effect do Positive Emotions actually have on us as we work towards manifestation? When coupled with a strong, burning inner drive, positivity casts its spell in 3 key ways:

  1. It makes us resilient

Resilience is a key resource we need to bounce back from obstacles that set us back. In high-stress situations, it helps us gain back our traction. Resilience is spurred by the fuel of positivity.

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Michael Cohn, a psychologist at the University of California, affirms that these two faculties are inseparable. He made students report how they felt in a stressful situation, and whether they were able to recover from it. As expected, those reporting a higher degree of positive emotions showed a greater tendency to quickly regain their momentum.

2. It calms us

The mind and the body are like distant cousins. The mind does the thinking, and the body acts on it. The two are linked inseparably. Feeling positive often manifests in physical ways too.

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Connections between cardiovascular activity and positivity were found by Barbara Frederickson, through a string of studies conducted at the University of Michigan. It basically contended that when we’re upbeat and happy about a situation, our heart rate tends to be more stable. This makes us more level-headed when dealing with something.

3. It dispels our negative beliefs

Occurrence → Beliefs → Consequences

Albert Ellis posited this basic equation, and it holds quite true for any obstacle we experience. If we are give an important project to handle work, we often think ‘I’m never going to be able to do it!”

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This simple belief that success is never going to be ours will lead us to falter. Make sure you reframe the situation in such a way that it doesn’t seem so daunting. Say to yourself, ‘maybe I should give it a try and see how hard it can be!’ Thinking positive will help shape consequences the way you desire.

In order to manifest, we mustn’t simply avoid the negative. We need to embrace the positivity we often forget about. Take the ConsciousLeap, Make You Happen!

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