Why take a month off.

It’s June. We’re taking a staycation month on our pond, on our own terms. I’ve been looking forward to this forever it seems.

We’ve done it before, taking a month to ourselves. There’s enough wind-down and focus and delight that a little boredom slips in, and then a nap, maybe some frustration. Maybe even a little bickering has to go down, but the boredom is a gateway to a shift — to a different well of ideas.

It’s a time of finishing and starting, and perhaps most deliciously, it’s a time of in-betweens. A friend once described those moments of transition as similar to when you’re tacking in a sailboat. Both Hal and I grew up sailing, the idea sits just right.

Tacking is how you sail into the wind, a maneuver of turning the bow, or nose, of the boat back and forth so that the direction from which the wind blows changes from one side to the other, allowing you to progress… the moments in the turns can be very quiet, with a sensation of being stalled. For Hal and I June has become one of those moments in-between, a languid act of faith that soon enough we’ll catch the wind.

Originally published at medium.com