Taking a moment to enjoy

The SLOW in everyday life

Carl Honoré started teaching us about slow life already a decade ago by publishing his cult book “The praise of Slow.” It has grown into the movement and people started adapting this concept in food, relationships, and business. 

We were obsessed with working a lot, making money, running through the surface of everything that mattered. We blindly followed the steps of life: finish school, be accepted to university, find a job, get married, have children, work work work and die. And doing it all at a speed of a light. 

Sure, no need to put a lower gear on everything, but luckily, we started to discover what really matters to us. Where we need to slow down and enjoy. 

“Slow means being present, living each moment fully, putting quality before quantity in everything from work and sex to food and parenting” 

Carl Honoré

The minimalism

Or in other words – the way to get rid of the chaos – in your wardrobes, houses, gardens and even your heads. Some people claim it to be a way of life — when you consciously choose to have less things in life. Reducing consumerism. Apply it for you business and concentrate not on quantity of clients, but on how to provide the quality.  

Create more – consume less

Minimalism works very well in todays fashion and arts as well. Look at the clothing designs, the quality of materials. Industry is turning to re – usable or natural textiles. Decluttering our homes – again, choosing the things that has an emotional value to us or gives a purpose.

New habits in everyday life

Who doesn’t find few minutes for meditation, relaxation or simple contemplation in our daily schedules? Instead of starting the day with coffee and cigarette, why don’t we reach out for a glass of water with lemon instead? Not insinuating that everyone became saints, but it is clear that humanity became more aware. We even wake up few minutes earlier just to have if for ourselves, to start the day in a calm and stress free way. 

Did you know that in Scandinavian countries people choosing to fly less and looking for alternative ways of travelling? It is almost a bit shameful to admit that you used a plane to reach your destination. Well, it takes a lot more planning and creativity to find new ways, but it is obvious that soon our pictures of a plane window on instagram will be replaced by… who knows, we will see.