It’s almost like

I knew about this place

But I didn’t recognize it

Rearing its beautiful head

At uncanny moments

Surfacing, like an iceberg

At unsuspecting junctures


There is this place

This space

This time

Where all our dreams go

Where all true thoughts go

Where intergenerational trauma goes

A reservoir

Of sacred knowledge

Timeless stories 

Intuitive gifts

Like an abundant supply of magic

A fountain of inner knowing

And what of this place?

How do we get there?

By boat

By plane

By meandering through the forest?

Or as the Greek gods understood 

A simple glance inwards

But if it’s in me

And if it’s in you

Then surely we are not just


Instead, in fact

We are one

Sharing this physical plane

Acting on the stage 

As if it were all our idea

Yet, true storylines 

Are created offstage 

With the soul writer

Guided by the invisible