A metaphorical journey of inspiration; to consider how you may live as a being of love – by choice. ?

In the literature on chakras, the energy of your anahata or heart chakra is said to be green; and “represents the ability to give and receive love, compassion, empathy; and it is what drives our desire to be of service to others; and to be loving-kindness.  Activating your heart chakra is how you feel greater self-love and love for others.”  

Your heart chakra is located in the centre of your chest.  If you have listened to some of my guided meditations that relate to the expression of love and self-love, you will notice that I always refer to your heart centre as a place of focus and ‘to feel expansive and free’. 

This is so that during meditation, you may simultaneously activate the energy of your heart chakra; to open it; to allow healing to flow; and to feel these soothing effects as you are guided through your practice.  

There is also another colour; that of light pink (or as it is sometimes referred to as ‘baby’ pink); that is associated with this chakra; and an awakening of the spiritual energy of love. 

The colour pink may be what you envision as you direct love unto yourself; and as you practice self-care and attend to your needs.

You might think of this beautiful colour pink as both what you see in your heart centre and also what colour you surround yourself with. 

You may want to imagine filling your entire being with this beautiful colour of light; and as you do so, to witness the beauty of this light; and to imagine it as unconditional, spiritual love directed unto yourself.

I also recommend the teaching that we are of this beautiful sacred energy.  It exists in all of us.

Chakras are energy centers in the body that link our energetic and physical bodies with universal life-force energy. They have been introduced into the western world in the early 1900s in a translation by Arthur Avalon, in his book, The Serpent Power published in 1919.

The chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas.

In the world around us, we see all kinds of colour; we notice the beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red in the foliage in fall. 

Many of us can’t resist going outdoors to experience the falling snowflakes, cascading in harmony from the wintry sky; the presence of white that layers the earth; as a covering of protection and blissful hibernation. 

In spring and early summer, colours pop and ignite our hearts in wonder; the earth lush and green; flowers that open to the sun with radiant colours; the oceans reflecting the light from above reveal a multitude of shades of blue and turquoise; the sky showcasing a pop of dreamy white; the clouds nestled there, and in constant motion.  

Colour is symbolic and represents feelings, people, countries, and cultures.

In colour we identify our favourite foods (e.g. think pinks and reds of watermelon and strawberries, the orange of papaya; and ice-cream and gelato in a showcase of rainbow colours, all displayed to delight our senses). 

Colour can describe our mood (at times ‘blue’, at times, ‘light’); our preference for style, clothing, and self-identity.

The colour of love is what we feel instinctively towards another living being each time that we soften into the comfort and ease of our heart; each time that we hold presence in what we are witness to, and without discounting nor judging another as foolish, wrong, or ignorant, but indeed holding the space for compassion and love to flow willingly because the colour of love is compassion. 

The colour of love is grace; it is willingness to honour one’s self with dignity and kindness

The colour of love is in your actions (spoken as words and the subtle nuances that relay your inner and present thoughts and feelings.)

The colour of your love and my love can be different. 

It can reveal itself in a gentle smile, a kiss; it can be the eye contact that is shared between two people; possibly strangers of whom each may never ‘see’ one another again; but in that certain moment, and as they pass on the street, when eyes lock and smiles pour fluidly; both acknowledge the presence of the other; and the shared bond between humans that we all might remember; that exists between each one of us; even if in the ether.  

The colour of love is happiness, it is the feeling of sharing peace, and of wishing another well.  

My colour of love is pink.  It is sometimes green as I send love as a beam of light to another; and as I choose to see the good because seeing the good in others doesn’t mean that you agree with all of their beliefs, thoughts or actions; rather it means that you have, in those moments, allowed yourself to witness their inner light; their ability to be of light.

I see love as all of the colours that exist and which shape our life.  I see the colours of love in all of the kind actions and compassionate words that are spoken. 

I see the colour of love in the innocent and forever curious mind and heart of a child who wants to take in all of life’s moments, and with a question or several that follow.  

I see the colour of love in how we might look deeper still into the meaning of this global pandemic; of how we are reminded of our humanness; our ability to put up walls and boundaries through our words and actions, and how we are now being called to feel compassion towards our self, and for the lives of others who are suffering. 

We are all being reminded of our shared responsibility to each other and the planet and to reexamine our life choices and what this time has urged us to reassess and reevaluate.

I see the colour of love in the way in which we all have carried on; in our innate resilience, capable as best as possible;  amidst the many constraints and challenges of losing our job, of our work being significantly different or reduced; of needing to return to work by choice or because this is what we have been summoned to do; and the uncomfortable nature of what it means to cover your nose and mouth each time that you leave your home; and to limit contact with others.

The colour of love is in your words and actions

The colour of love is in how you choose to see others and the world; as one global community all living this pandemic together. 

Is it easier to imagine yourself as a part of the greater whole, and to feel compassion and empathy when you witness others sharing similar experiences; and doing their best to remain safe and healthy? 

Do you take lightly your efforts or do you commit to making your life and the lives of others safe; not only in diminishing this risk, but in all of your actions that may affect another?  (e.g. for example driving safely, being mindful of your consumption; and of your footprint on the planet?)

Are you rethinking any of the beliefs that you have based upon what you were taught; and which may not be entirely true given what you are learning now?

What is the colour of your love?

Is it kindness?

Is your love consistent?

Is it forgiving?

Is it inspired by your desire to be gentle, calm, and sincere?  

Ask this of yourself?  What is the colour of my love? What is the compassion that I give? 

What is the truth that I am willing to speak and to do so with kindness and respect?

What is your love for, if not to enjoy that you am able to be loving kindness in all places, and in all moments because it is actually you who benefits most, each time that you are kind and loving towards another living being.  

Each time you reveal the colour of your love (aka the way and means in which you love, in which you are loving), you witness the energy of love in and of your heart.  – dorothy ratusny

You may envision your heart chakra energy as green; you may imagine it as pink as you enjoy the practice of self-love and being of love as you witness the feelings of this beautiful energy rise up and felt within your being.

The colour of your love is what you live as each time that you hold the space to witness the perfect moments of life; as you choose to be love in action; ever present and here in your heart.  Namaste!

If you would like to learn more about the chakras, this website offers a free chakra affirmation poster: chakra anatomy.com 

Dorothy has an online practice as a Registered Psychotherapist. She works with youth, adults, and couples on a wide range of mental health and wellness topics. She is the host of The WISDOM podcast and her Meditations can be found on Insight Timer, Aura, and LIGHT. For more, please visit: dorothyratusny.com