One of the most common Blind Spots I see is the Roles we accepted as children that we believe our Truths.

Check In: What role do you play? (either consciously or unconsciously) That someone, you viewed as an Authority, said to you that

keeps you from living your highest potential and being confident?

i.e. The Rebel, The Slob, The Sensitive One, The Pleaser, The Fighter, The Black Sheep, The Damaged One, The Invisible One, The Shy One, The Procrastinator, The Dumb One, The Smart One, The Misfit, The Angry One, The King, The Queen, The Comedian etc.

For me, one way I got attention in my family was from being shy. (Shyness is who we become when we fear judgment)

The Problem is: What would I have to believe about myself to be shy?

“That what I have to say doesn’t matter. That I am weak because I am shy. That there is something wrong with me. That the only way I feel love is when someone else is taking care of me.”

Can you see how that role consistently stopped me every time I wanted to be my own boss?

Every time I wanted a thriving Relationship? Can you see How that role would affect how much money I could make?

You see, The Truth is the role is not good or bad. For many of us, it is who we decided to be to survive, be safe, not rock the boat, keep some kind of connection, and most importantly to not feel alone.

The lie we believe is that is just the way life is for us.

The payoff for this role is it keeps us safe. How do I know? Because you are still here.

And consider the role no longer serves you in the today’s of your life.

What is the role really costing you?

How much money does this cost you in Business? In your Career? What does it cost you in your Relationships? In having the Relationships of your dream with the same person you are currently in a relationship with right now?

In your relationship with yourself? How much do you trust yourself?

What would be possible for you if you Break Free?

Are you ready?

The Paradox is you must go through it alone, and yet you can not do it alone.

I can help.

With love & respect for what you have been through,

Mia Hewett 

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