Confidence: A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Not all confidence is the same.

I compare the two flavors of confidence as confidence of the ego versus confidence of the spirit. Let’s take a look.

Confidence of the ego wants to force and conquer. It strives to win, even at a negative cost to self or others.

Confidence of the spirit feels grounded in its position. It’s the leader that doesn’t have to shout from the roof, “I’m the leader!”

Confidence of the ego measures and compares. It feels superior by viewing others as inferior. If someone else’s outcome looks more desirable, its confidence begins to crumble.

Confidence of the spirit knows another’s success doesn’t take away from its own. It’s humble in its achievements.

Confidence of the ego needs to think it’s better than others, otherwise it feels worse than others.

Confidence of the spirit knows it’s no better nor worse than others.

Confidence of the ego is puffed up and superficial.

Confidence of the spirit is unmovable and deep.

Confidence of the ego depends on material circumstances. The right clothes, the fancy car, the big house, the title.

Confidence of the spirit remains steadfast regardless of circumstances.

Confidence of the ego needs to be boosted. It looks for admiration, adoration, and “proper” respect.

Confidence of the spirit needs no assurances from other people.

Build confidence of the spirit.

When you know who you are, as a spiritual being made in the likeness and image of the divine, your confidence can’t be shaken. It can never be lost because your true nature can never be lost.

It’s as simple as that. You’re cut from the cloth of the divineLike a ray from the sun or a drop from the ocean, your being is the same as the great whole.

(Read more about that here: This is What Your Life Can Look Like When You Know Who You Truly Are.

When you know your spiritual origin, your confidence doesn’t depend on what’s happening in the material world around you. When you have a setback in life, confidence of the spirit stays steady. If you lose your job, get dumped, or fail to reach a goal, confidence of the spirit knows you’re loved, and more than good enough.

The strength of confidence of the spirit.

Don’t mistake the quiet strength of confidence of the spirit with weakness. Someone confident in the spirit isn’t afraid to do the right thing or stand up to an oppressor.

It’s loving and kind, and at the same time unconcerned with popularity. That gives the person with confidence of the spirit the freedom and ability to live an authentic and rich life.

It dissolves fear. It calms anxieties. It allows you to rest in trust.

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