Donna Page

Many people found their fitness goals being pushed aside. Only now, they feel sluggish, worn down, and realize how important fitness is to their lives. Living a balanced, healthy lifestyle is possible, but the parameters have changed. Rather than worrying about day-to-day issues at the local gym, there are options that allow you to work out from the comfort of your home.

Taking care of ourselves, both our mental and physical health, we’re at our best. When we’re happy with how we look and feel, our confidence blooms. Unfortunately, the ability to return to the gym and feel like there’s not a risk in being there hasn’t come back as quickly as we’d hoped.

Here we are, over a year later, still trying to adapt. We’re in search of a new normal, one that works with our personal schedules.

That’s where DPone’s Online Studio (Donna Page Online Studio) comes in. It’s time to celebrate your confidence. It’s time to get stronger and healthier—right from the comfort of your home. No more worrying about social distancing or what to do next.

Donna Page
Donna Page

DPone’s Online Studio offers multiple fitness levels and programs to help you get started. With weekly videos, you can commit to a single month to see if it fits your needs or commit to a full year of body strength. There are multiple programs between each of these levels as well. Find what fits your needs and schedule.

You’ll be excited to know that there are even opportunities for one-on-one coaching and consultations. The consultations can help you understand food choices, along with finding solutions that work with your lifestyle, portion control, ingredients, and more.

The great thing about Donna and her online studio is her unique ability to help people at all fitness levels. She’s focused on helping everybody progress through their journey. She wants you to succeed and enjoy the rewards of your work, all while feeling great because you completed another workout.

Donna Page is a qualified Health Coach and studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She also studied Economics. Donna is the creator of the DPone Healthy Method. Her philosophy revolves around the balance of a healthy body and mind. She also achieved all three levels (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in Pilates Mat Work at Balance Body School.

If you’d like to learn more about Donna Page and her Online Studio, be sure to visit her at