The Connection Between Feeling Good and Looking Good

You might have heard these phrases spoken in one sentence. But I’m pretty sure that just like me, you grow up chasing the latter part of our title, which is “looking” good. I can’t remember how many times and how much money I’ve spent in trying to fit into the beauty standards. And while “beauty is only skin deep”, I believe there’s so much more to how we see ourselves as good-looking.

For me, looking good will inevitably come when you feel good. And what’s crazy is that these two work as a cycle. You feel good because you look good, and you’ll look good when you feel good. However, you have to realize that looking good is not the only way to feel good. 

Looking Good is Not the Only Way to Feel Good

How many times have you rolled your eyes when someone attractive complained about feeling miserable? To us, it even sometimes feels like an offense. How can someone feel that way if they look like they have everything everyone wants? Or if they are what everyone aspires to become? However, when I say looking good, it does not only include how we look on the outside. Instead, it’s about how your feelings from within reflect the image that you show to the world.

Whenever I’m in a good mood, I notice that I tend to put more thought into my decisions. I also feel much calmer even when things are not going as easily. Therefore, people also react to me in a good way. Of course, some are having a bad day, and they subconsciously do things that can ruin my mood. But since I already feel stable with how I feel, I am less affected by their actions.

So if you were to choose between either looking good and feeling good, I recommend that you start with the latter. Looking good is not the only way to feel good, but feeling good helps you look good. If you feel contented and more loving towards yourself, you start to appreciate yourself more. You’ll thrive on being or maintaining the better version of yourself without the harsh negative thoughts. 

Feeling Good About Myself

So how does one “feel good”? There is this quote by the famous Jason Statham and it says, “Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you’re working out, you’re going to feel good.” And as I have said earlier on, feeling good starts from within. This might be too vague of a thought to process, and there are a lot of factors to consider when we use the word “start from within.”

What I found to be the most effective in changing my everyday mood is if I feel healthy. And by healthy, I mean the whole mental, emotional, and physical aspects of that word. Let’s start first with physical since what we do every day significantly affects our physical health.

You are What You Eat and Do Everyday

I used to skip breakfast, and when I do, I’m just eating cereals and some orange juice. Immediately, these components doesn’t sound so bad, but they are. By cereals, I don’t mean the healthy and organic mix, and by orange juice, I mean the synthetic sugary orange liquid and not the freshly squeezed ones. 

One day, while I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw this picture of a gorgeous looking girl. And I thought to myself, “Hey I can look like her too!” At this point of my life, I have finally embraced my flaws and body features to the point that I don’t feel envious towards “perfect”-looking people. But I’m also aware that I can do so much more to improve my physical attributes. And I know that my diet of excessive salt and sugar is not doing my weight and skin any justice.

To clarify, different people have different reasons that might affect their physical looks. This can mean genes, stress, or an existing health condition. However, when I cut on processed food, replaced my sugar cravings by using a much healthier alternative like this, I noticed improvements. Sure, Manuka honey is more expensive than the syrup brand I used, but it’s worth it. Besides, there are a lot of recipes that are budget-friendly without sacrificing nutritional value. 

Another factor that shapes how you’re going to feel about yourself are the habits you do all day. I feel much more stable emotionally when I feel great physically. Of course, can you imagine someone being in a good mood if they have a sore back, or they constantly feel breathless? Sure, my first weeks in cardio exercises gave me sore muscles, but for some reason, it also made me feel happy. 

To know that I am pushing through my comfort zone and that my body is performing and surviving those exercises, it makes me feel proud of myself. It also helps to know that with all this pain, comes a lot of gains. More than a physique that won’t let me down physically and emotionally, you’ll be much more happy waking up everyday if you like what you see and feel. 

Be Kinder to Yourself

Before you roll your eyes, I know that self-love is not easy. Some people just have an easier time leaning towards the opposite whether it’s in a serious or joking way. However, when the days where you like something about yourself comes, appreciate them. 

For example, if there’s a morning that I wake up with better skin than usual, I like to give myself some compliments. It might seem weird at first, but positive self-talk has a huge impact than you may have thought. 

People oozing with confidence always surprise me. How can they feel comfortable with themselves that easily? However, all the efforts that you do every day whether they seem small or big, they all have the same effect on how you’ll feel good on the inside. It’s okay to push yourself a little higher. Treat yourself well in every thing that you do every day.