This Miami-born global Creative Director, who is based in New York, is known for bringing his Miami style with a New York edge to his content. His creations are memorable, so it’s no surprise that everyone from startups to celebrities, and the world’s most popular influencers are looking forward to working with him. 

Roger Rojas grew up in Miami and later moved to New York to pursue his bachelor’s in Business Management at Iona College (’16). He graduated and started making his passion a full-time career after rejecting three out of college job opportunities. Within a few short years Rojas blazed a path for himself fostering relationships with notable CEOs, such as Dan Fleyshman, Cindy Eckert, Grant Cardone, Charlie Walk and many others. 

In just the past few months, Rojas has been chosen to lead different international and domestic retreats as Creative Director for High-Performance Lifestyle Training and Active Escapes Barbados.

He shoots in a loose, fluid manner but the magic comes when he adds his unique touch in the editing booth. We had the pleasure of speaking to a few companies Roger has worked with and during that time they didn’t just discuss his creativity but also his personality and approach,  which many believe to be the x-factor, “he goes above and beyond, his passion is contagious say’s Marie O’Connor, CEO of Nordic Edge Cryotherapy. 

Traveling the world gives Roger Rojas an edge and that is evident in the work he puts out. He is no stranger to working with premium brands, influencers, celebrities, and nonprofits. Last month, he went to Guatemala to capture and document the behind the scenes of the famous Gregory’s Coffee, documenting the process and experience to how this company distributes their coffee product into the United States. 

When Roger is not at work, he spends time on altruistic matters such as working with the Justice Desk in South Africa. This is an Award-Winning Human Rights Organization which is located in South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. This organization empowers the local people to understand and defend human rights to building secure communities. As a well-known organization, they educate, train, advocate for and equip the youth, vulnerable groups, civil society, and governments. They work primarily to provide the locals with the fundamental skills and platforms to lead their own change.

At just 26 years old,  Roger Rojas is the “The Content CEO“, who took a risk on himself, turning down opportunities to pursue what he believed in. His diverse campaigns, photos, and eye catching videos are the result of a young man who isn’t scared to challenge himself and through that, his work tells a story every time.