Photo Credit: The Huffington Post

I met this incredible woman the other day at a leadership conference for women. She ran a home for children needing special care.

Her entire focus was the health, well-being and happiness of these kids. She guided them, supported their dreams and goals, reassured them of the value they held, and made certain that, with her, they always felt safe. Not only that, but she nearly spent every nickle and dime that she made on these boys and girls, taking very little for herself.

Running the home in this manner left nothing in which to hire additional help. So she did everything herself, with little time off except in the darkest hours of the night when everyone was asleep. It was then that she would let out a sigh, regroup, and prepare for the next day. The woman was as self-less as could be.

This woman slept little and worried a great deal. She kept the home tidy for the kids. And when the holidays came, she remained generous of heart, soul, and pocketbook (even beyond, at times, what she could truly afford).

In the end, however, the children she cared for loved her. And even after they had grown, truly never left. They returned for visits constantly, she taught them all how to love so.

I marveled at the tale this woman shared. Her life was a testament of fortitude, kindness, strength, intelligence, empathy, dedication, social awareness and so much more. When I finally asked her what the title of her position was at the home given the responsibility she held, she answered, “I’m a Mother and the kids that I am speaking of are my own children.”

Now ask yourself, “How did you feel when you heard that answer?” Did your awe and respect for this woman diminish a bit because of the lack of fancy professional title, such as CEO, President, Senior Vice President or Director? Did it wane because an organizational name carrying weight was not attached? That she merely worked in her own home being a devoted mom? Be honest. For many, the answer would be “Yes.”

Every child needs special care but not every mother gets the credit she deserves for doing this day in and day out — being an attentive, self-sacrificing, good mother. Framed in its true light, the job loses its coolness and the distinguished air warranted it for many. This should never be.

As we move into the holidays, keep this in mind. Remember how much the moms in your life contribute to the priceless memories that will soon be made once again. Remiss of any significant title or applause, the impact of their contributions is incomparable. It should never be viewed as anything but. Take a moment to let them know this. “What better time to do so than at THANKSGIVING, I ask you?”