The cost of staying in your toxic job is higher than you may realize.

You hate Sunday nights because it means you have to go back to the office Monday morning.

But wait a second, you never really left work, did you? You’ve been putting out fires all weekend. Your phone has been attached to your ear from home, from the spa, from your kids birthday party, you can’t even seem to take a walk without your phone pinging you.

You cringe at the thought of going in each day. You secretly hope that you’ll actually get sick or get in an accident so you don’t have to show up. How screwed up is that?

Not as screwed up as what you deal with when you get there, right?

Underearning and over delivering. Working yourself into burnout is the rule and not the exception.

Prioritizing what’s good for the shareholders but rarely what’s good for the employees.

Being asked to compromise your integrity, what you believe, and what you stand for.

Working for a boss who loves you and hates you. She loves you because you’re her right hand and she also hates you because you’re her right hand – you could replace her and she feels threatened. Hello, passive aggressive!

And making a difference? Please. Making your way through all the red tape to get ANYTHING approved is like trying to cut your way through a jungle with a butter knife.


Is it because of the paycheck?

Your tenure?

Are you scared you won’t be able to find anything else?

Or all of the above?


What are you willing to sacrifice?

Your fulfillment?

Your happiness?

Your health?

Your soul?

Stop taking time and the gift of life you’ve been given for granted.

Start living instead of just existing.

How would it feel to go to work each day believing in what you do again, making a real difference in the world, and creating a legacy?

Working with others, collaborating with them, lifting each other up?

Being part of something bigger than yourself that is in alignment with your values and beliefs?

And you get to keep the lifestyle you’ve worked so long and hard to build for yourself and your family?

You can have this and you don’t have to sacrifice what you’ve built in order to have it.

What you do have to do is get honest with yourself about what you want and create a plan.

Then turn that plan into action.

And the most important part? Believe that by following your heart and HAVING FAITH that you can have work and a life you love. You need a mindset for success. This is seriously 90% of the journey!

What’s it gonna be?

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