With the new COVID-19 pandemic crisis postponing and shutting down live keynote events at companies, speaking bureaus are promoting new, innovative virtual talks to entertain and inspire audiences for an innovation explosion.

“The world has changed the way that it gains information and entertainment. Technology is currently delivering life-changing information. From religious services held online to technology forums accessed by a high-priced, online passcode, virtual keynote talks are the future for powerful corporate transformation.”
– Olympia LePoint, Rocket Scientist & Author

I remember the day clearly.  The National Basketball Association (NBA) suspended its 2020 season after a Utah Jazz NBA player tested positive for the coronavirus. We were all in shock.  The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a highly infectious respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that was first identified in December 2019 during an investigation into an outbreak in Wuhan, China.

The Utah Jazz NBA player shared his medical news with courage. In doing so, he saved lives. His health diagnosis led to Utah’s game at Oklahoma City being postponed moments before tip-off.  In early March 2020, the NBA League announced in a news statement that it had suspended the 2020 game season. Fans were in disbelief.

The shock rippled in homes across the world. The risk of the COVID-19 infection was a threat to the NBA players and to live audience members whose seats were simply inches apart.  The coronavirus had become real to Americans and Europeans who simply watched China and Japan’s virus infections spread from afar. Live entertainment shows across the globe began shutting down. From great New York Broadway shows, to California’s Disneyland attractions, live events were no longer a place for pleasurable escape.  Without a COVID-19 vaccine available for its audiences, these events had become a breeding ground for potential infection.

Inspired by the NBA’s strategic shutdown, governments around the world turned to measures to curb the impact of the coronavirus. Actions included stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions, curfews and postponing live shows.  Thankfully the NBA chose this action.  Because a few days later, two NBA Lakers players, who played against the infected Utah Jazz team member days prior, also tested positive for the virus. And another Utah Jazz player was infected. Leaders were smart in postponing live shows. But where would the social distancing decision leave the many professional entertainers and hospitality workers who rely on live, packed audiences?

Keynote Speakers are Turning to “Virtual Keynotes”

Keynote speakers are also in this “entertainment” category. I know this fact personally.  I am a TED speaker.  I gained notoriety by a TED talk called “Reprogramming your brain to overcome fear.” I have successfully spoken at live global technology forums with over 6,000 audience members. Keynote speakers are the intellectual entertainers who rely on live audiences. Corporations hire these individuals to mold and shape minds. Individuals go to well-promoted motivational talks.  Speakers ignite innovation and transformation. Corporations search for such entertainers.  Speakers’ oratory skills transform minds and produce a lucrative bottom-line for businesses.

With new quarantine laws affecting the United States and countries, speaking agencies have found themselves in a state of rapid transformation. They are finding ways to reschedule live shows and introduce a new form of online speeches and presentations. These talks are “Virtual Keynotes” and “Virtual News” programs that inform during these information-conflicting times. The COVID-19 rise in virtual keynote talks is a turning point in the speaking business. Self-isolation during business operation is forming a new method for unified online communication.

In speaking agencies’ recent experience, many shows were rescheduled to late 2020 and into 2021. Agencies are doing their best to keep everyone booked during these trying times.  And they witness a new form of entertainment being requested during this pandemic. These events are virtual keynote talks. Now, agencies are finding the best online methods to deliver great online talks to their corporate clients.  Today’s talks are about innovation and data-driven decision making. And agencies are securing experts in those fields.

New Technology Explodes Virtual Presentations

The COVID-19 has caused a boom in online video communication. For example, virtual keynote presentations give solutions to parents and teachers for remote learning classrooms.  Aerospace companies use secure video technology to communicate NASA engineering designs.  2020 school graduations will be held online. Virtual keynote talks are almost identical, except there is one main difference: The Passcode Pricetag. There is a cost to gain access to these live keynotes. The business is in “the passcode.”  For an agency to secure the virtual presentations, the passcode is protected. The details of these contacts are still being devised and innovated by each agency.

In such cases, speakers give talks from their home offices. In some cases, the speaker will pick a location. And there will be live video streaming available. For professional high-quality videos, companies arrange to film. The videos can be basic. Or videos can be high resolution.  Speaker agencies are developing the technology to share important messages.

The Top 7 Virtual Pandemic Keynotes

From researching online news during this pandemic crisis, there are seven talks that are helping audiences overcome fear, debt and isolation.  These talks help people to survive and thrive in uncertain times. There are many talks that can be given. For today’s climate, here are the top seven talks.

1.       Turning Chaos into Innovation

Expert speakers who focus on innovation are typically authors and professors who advise employees on how to use pre-existing company resources within a crisis. The speakers show companies how to survive and later thrive.

2.      Transforming Personal Fears into Company Solutions

COVID-19 has increased anxiety and uncertainty. Research psychologists recommend finding creative methods for expression during a crisis. Virtual speakers help employees remove fear and create long-term company solutions.

3.      Securing Large Resources from Unlikely Sources

In the United States, small business owners are under huge financial constraints to keep their businesses up and running. Some owners have applied for government loans and currently have not received the loans. Speakers who specialize in financial planning and financial strategy are individuals who can point business owners to suitable grants and loans that allow continued business operations.

4.     Methods to Teach Math, Science and STEM Online

All students are expected to achieve high academic standards in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning. High scores have become even more urgent and complex given shifts in science and mathematics standards. Virtual speakers help parents and teachers alike create innovative STEM lectures for remote learning classrooms. 

5.      Turning Anxiety into Comedy

Max McClure in his Stanford News article entitled “Stanford psychologists find that jokes help us cope with horrifying images,” reveal the value of comedy. Research scientists found that jokes reduce the onset of post-traumatic stress.  As a result, comedic speakers offer healing through good-natured comedy.

6.     Solutions and Care in HealthCare Settings

Healthcare Administrators are speakers who contribute to what are called “Lessons Learned.” Their answers compose an database of personal experience. These speakers provide solutions and strategy for hospital deployments, plus the best use of health care technology. 

7.      Flattening the Curve with Data-Driven Decisions

Leaders at corporations are now training employees to make decisions based on statistical-driven data to help people stay safe at work.  Such governmental leaders are like California Governor Gavin Newsom and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who used statistical data to save lives and create an entire pandemic infrastructure.

As a TED speaker, I know that live audiences are, temporarily, a thing of the past during these social-distancing, pandemic times. From these current events, I chose to create my own Answers Unleashed Pandemic Solutions virtual talks about how to reprogram fear into innovation. And if you are a meeting planner, book amazing speakers online. Information is important. Allow your audience to grow during this difficult time through virtual talks.

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