Deep into the still and silent days of the pandemic I reverted to calling friends and having long chats on the phone, something that I had not done in ages. Time, life struggles and life juggles made it virtually impossible to chat for more than 5 minutes at a time.

On this particularly hot and steamy day, sitting outside enjoying the sun, I dialed my lifelong friend to catch up. The conversation was the usual and then we went deep. We talked about our life, where we currently were, the blessings of having our health and the passions that continued to burn deep inside of our soul.

We recounted lifetimes of events, laughed, cried and realized that we had come full circle to begin to birth what we had set out and intentioned to do over a decade ago. I was reminded of the Austin trip where we talked about creating a company. I slightly remembered the fleeting moment that I had stated with conviction, “we need to start…” but it had been so long ago.  The seed had been planted then and there.  The word, the wish, the dream,  subtly without us realizing it had been set into motion.

Fast forward. Life tends to get in the way. We set our course and have the best of intentions and then one day we wake up and realize we are 10 years older, maybe not so much wiser, and we still have not realized the passions our heart and soul desired for us to do.

Age, money, time, marriages, family, kids, careers, jobs; challenges and excuses that fuel our unfulfilled dreams and broken promises. As we quietly tell ourselves, I’m going to do it I just need time, just one more year.

It is not the destination in life but the journey we experience.  

The conversation that took place that day was riveting. We began to unravel the past. The intention that we had set decades ago was looking at us straight in the face.

That was the day, thank you Covid-19 for the time and the pause to have this deep conversation. It was there on that hot steamy day that we realized that the intention, like a little mustard seed,  had been planted a long, long time ago and that now it had turned into a tree and it was  standing tall.

Countless hours and calls later – we created our podcast and we are enjoying the most delicious time of our lives. Effortless creation, tons of sweat equity  and lots of love, laughter, passion and fulfilment as we continue to roll with what each day brings.

The Pandemic has given us time.  Time to take a moment to reflect, to reconnect and to review life. What intention did you set long, long ago that is now ready to be set into forward motion?