The natural world provides us with some many valuable lessons, teaching us so much about the world. And I know I’m showing my age here, but when I was younger, I used to love watching the cream rise to the top. 

You’d shake it up in the (glass) milk bottle. And it would all get mixed in together. But eventually the cream would rise to the top.

The same is true of us. 

Eventually the great people, the people with true value, will rise to the top.  They might get shaken up and lost in the masses for a while. But eventually these people will come out on top.

And right now we’re seeing it happen in front of our eyes.

We’re seeing the true leaders stand out. We’re seeing those that have purpose, that are relentless and consistent, start to really shine brightly. We’re seeing those that have true value to share with the world, those that are willing to stand out, those that are willing to embrace their uniqueness, emerge as a force to be reckoned with.



That’s all very well and good right…but what does it actually look like in the real world? Curt was a hugely successful A-game player with a successful business and beautiful family. From the outside looking in Curt looked like he had it ALL.

On closer inspection a different reality emerged. Yes he was undoubtedly conventionally successful, but he was grumpy, always busy, always on edge, felt like he was failing his wife and kids, and like he was living on a timeline dictated to by others. He told me he was living someone else’s life, rather than the one he truly wanted to live!

He had a lightbulb moment…he craved FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT.

Curt had been shaken up and was lost somewhere in the middle of the bottle. I vividly remember our first call. After 15 minutes he stopped the conversation and said “right, how do we get this all started”. Curt was ready to rise to the top…


The 16 hour work days grinding away at something he was great at but didn’t love, were replaced by a 12 hour work week doing what he was born to do – helping others fight for freedom. The grumpiness and constant busyness vanished. And in its place Curt created an abundance of time, choice and opportunity. International travel with his family, serving others at epic new levels.

And the best thing is, Curt just keeps on rising…

Right now we’re starting to see the fake people be shown up for what they are. The illusion they’ve created for us is disappearing right before our eyes.

I’m sure you’ve seen this…

The ‘overnight sensations’ living their dream. Bathing in money, with supercars in their garage. I’m exaggerating a little bit, but you get the point.

At this very moment, we’re seeing some of these empires, some of these people come tumbling down. I’m not judging them, because chances are they’ve done this to create an image of ultimate success, to keep up with Joneses, thinking that’s what we want to see.


People are waking up to what really matters to them, to what they actually value. And this is where your opportunity lies. The world is ready and waiting to see the cream rise to the top!

We want to see real, raw and vulnerable, we want to see the heartache and pain, and the failures. I believe vulnerability is a real strength, but it’s perceived as a weakness. As a result, too many people hold back and hide it from the masses. What we need is people to share their vulnerability, like Curt did when he reached out to me…

To share the fact that life IS a roller coaster. With ups and downs, twists and turns. Times when you think you’re going to come off track. And times when you have the ultimate thrill and excitement.

The more people show this, the more cream we will see at the top. The more we embrace all that we are. The good, the bad, the ugly, the fears, the hopes and dreams and the miseries. The more we will truly shine. 

People love real. We love seeing that other people, especially those we look up to, are human too. Because when all we see is instant success, we tend to give up at the first barrier. 

The reality is that everyone struggles. Everyone faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Everyone goes through times when they just want to throw it away and give in. It’s time we shared these challenges. So others know they’re not alone in experiencing this.

Personally…there was times where I wondered how I was going to put food on the table. And keep the roof over our heads. There were times when I just wanted to run back to my old life. It wasn’t as fun, or as fulfilling, or as freeing, but it was easier. 

Ultimately I stayed the course, because I saw others share their vulnerability. And I started to realise I wasn’t a failure. Yes I was failing in some things, but so was everyone else. And if they got through it, so could I…


The cream always rises to the top. 

I have discovered over the last 8 years helping the cream rise to the top. That the simplest way to make that happen is BY BEING YOU!

Embracing all that you are, letting those amazing traits of yours shine. Being a beacon of hope to others. Sharing your vulnerabilities, insecurities and your fallibilities. Sharing it all and showing the world your whole damn picture. No illusions, no highlight reels. Just the truth.

Because sometimes the cream does get mixed up with the rest of the milk


We’re seeing a changing of the guard right now.  We’re seeing the people that have shown us a facade of success, a facade of happiness and an illusion of what life was like, start to crumble and fall. And at the same time the true leaders, the visionaries, the purposeful action takers are rising out of the dust. Inspiring you to push through your trials and tribulations, failures, heartache and pain. Until you get exactly what you want.

Starting an incredible butterfly effect that will inspire many others to do exactly the same. Before we know it all of the cream around the world…