It’s been an unusually warm winter here on the East Coast, which has, in turn, invited an unusually early Spring.

The crocus have sprung, bunnies are emerging from the burrow under the grasses near the lamppost, and the cherry blossoms have exploded their pollen all over the wicker furniture on my porch, promising fruitful days of grateful reflection and connection.   

Though everything on the earth is saying come out, there’s a constriction in the gut that’s saying stay in! Indeed, there’s much asking for us to pay attention!
So, what do we pay attention ‘to’ — the reasons to fear going out or the reasons to love staying in? 

  • Reasoning with fear only validates that it deserves our attention – but, mostly, without awareness it’s an unhealthy and unhelpful habit that self pollinates a pattern of fear – causes us to stock up on toilet paper and food and disinfectant in ways that deny any for those that may need it most: the elderly and young, and those with taxed immune systems who can’t move as fast or push the giant carts at Costco orSams.  Love needs no reason, no condition, and it does not fear scarcity. 
  • Ignoring the gut only furthers the delusion that what’s happening – a pandemic – is not really happening – which causes us to take unnecessary risks that deny a scientific reality: contagion is only ‘seen’ after the fact. Love may be blind, but it demands the truth.
  • Fearing fear  becomes a mask for pre-existing excuses that germinate self-isolating behavior. It intensifies fear and pushes us farther from the ‘reason’ to live and from the gratitude of being alive. Love does not separate nor does it justify non-living.

No doubt, reacting greatly in any direction will not serve our safety nor growth; this deep rooted fear and anxiety taxes our system – nervous, immune and sensory – and keeps us from living fully, from the power to choose how to receive this experience.

The challenge is to see clearly – to see who you are ‘through’ this experience.
If we could slow down enough to listen to what fear is saying rather than feed it – remember the strength of love rather than ignore it – we could build resilience and understand how to infuse the powerful qualities of both – cross pollinating in gentle ways that support the safety of our bodies, our homes, our communities and our economies … our whole world – above and below, within love and without fear.

take the challenge

It is the intention of the heart that challenges beliefs and calms the mind and so it is through the heart that we will find freedom through fear. 

These moments are asking for courage, for love, and for higher thinking.

  • Take a walk in nature to connect with your higher self and find your true nature: Challenge the fear that says you’re alone.
  • Inspire the courage to call a dear friend or parent with whom you’ve fallen out and find forgiveness: Challenge the fear of being wrong.
  • Clean out the clutter of old feelings or an old drawer for the sake of clarity and find gratitude: Challenge the fear that you are defined by the past.
  • Care for an elderly neighbor and who may be in need and find generosity: Challenge the fear that there is ‘not enough’.
  • Inspire confidence in your body to be able to take care of itself and find resilience: Challenge the fear that you have no power.
  • Create new ways to spend time with your family and find presence: Challenge the habits that keep you apart.


  • Annette Diamantopoulos

    Integral Coach, Mindfulness Educator & Spiritual Cultivator

    Me, Myself & Eye, LLC

    Annette practices as an Integral Life Coach and Educator of Mindfulness.  She has a deep calling to help others connect fully with their lives - to amplify their experience as a human being in ways that feel authentic and nurture happiness. Annette is known for coaching adolescent anxiety and is an active contributor to supporting educational paradigms that include holistic literacy.