When your dream remains a dream

A head full of dreams
Have a dream you haven’t lived yet? Or maybe many more? Eyes opened or closed, the mind never ceases to dream. Of all the things it thinks about, it thrives on the prospect of fulfillment through achievement and possession. Think of the mind as a storehouse, and we, its inhabitants, browse our numerous desires as and when we wish, without actually pursuing any of them.

If we were to list out all the things we wanted to do and haven’t done yet, we’d surely end up with a long one. What once occupied the most coveted position in our minds now stands in a desolate corner of a mighty shelf of dreams in our head. The pride and drive to succeed that it once evoked has worn off, and instead it just stands there like a trophy to be gazed and cherished from afar. The yearning to fulfill them still exists and that’s why we revisit them. But soon enough we shift our attention to newer things, piling old ones on and adding new ones.

Guess material things aren’t all that we hoard…

What we think we’re doing vs. What we’re actually doing
‘We’ll achieve them at some point’, we tell ourselves, ‘for now let’s focus on what we have at hand’. But we keep revisiting this shelf full of longing and regret sometimes multiple times a day. We’re probably not aware of these underlying emotions, but that’s the reason we succumb to the pull of these trophies. We go about our daily routines carrying the weight of every unfulfilled aspiration, instead fulfill what is expected of us and lead a life determined and influenced by other’s dreams. Even if we try to pursue them, we tend to give up when the going gets tough, when the reality of the pursuit is not as rosy as we’d imagined.

What we’re doing is simply existing rather than living. We’re neither doing justice to the time and goal at present, nor do we shift gears to pursue our desires. This compulsive habit of adding to the shelf — that is already filled with goals — makes us dwell in a life of make-belief, of what our lives could be. A mind set to the past or future is a mind that isn’t present.

Dusting the Shelf
Isn’t it time to live a life of fulfillment? There is greater value in asserting yourself and going after your dream. It isn’t wise to go on a mad pursuit of juggling and flitting from dream to the next. Ask yourself, from all the dreams that the mind has conjured, which one are you going to actualise? If you were to dust the cobwebs and rearrange your mental shelf, which aspiration would you pick? Choose the one that you imagine shining proud. The dream off the shelf that we feel most passionate about — that is the dream to fulfill.

Once achieved, we may go after the next, subsequently replacing the shelf of dreams with a shelf of triumph. One may also realise that of the many dreams that were hoarded, some don’t hold much importance anymore and they’ve simply been outgrown. An active pursuit towards one dream can help re-evaluate the rest. Watch fulfillment flood your being as you manifest your truly cherished dreams.

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Originally published at medium.com