Our homes are an extension of ourselves for better or for worse. To welcomes health, happiness and good fortunes many homeowners love buying stuff such as bamboo statues of Ho Tai. But investing in new items is not the only solution to get rid of negative energy. The concern should also be paid towards throwing away unused and old items in the house and clear the space of decluttering.

The design philosophies have a lot to do with the do’s and don’ts of what should be kept at home and what should be avoided.

  • Let fresh breeze

To move negative air out, the first step is to let the nature into your house. Open all the windows and doors once a while to let the natural air flow in. When fresh air flows in, the negative air or energy is out.

Dormant air is suffocating. Also, ensure that you spread out your bedsheets and pillow covers and change them every 2 or 3 days.

  • Clean the antiques

Antiques come with their very own energetic histories. To make sure that you do not carry the heavy energy of the antiques passed on from the previous owners, clean them every once a while. Before placing them at your home, wash them well and enjoy their beauty to the fullest extent thereafter. For instance, if you have recently purchased an armchair, it is great if it belonged to a happy person but not so great if a sad miserable person spent his or her life on it.

  • Broken or smudged mirror

Immediately replace broken or smudged mirrors that have developed ugly marks. Mirrors of this sort are said to disrupt and break relationships. It is also a good practice not to place mirrors facing the main door. You do not want to reflect all the positive energy entering your house.

  • Free your home from clutter

Don’t you always feel happy after clearing your counter or closet? There is a reason behind it. Energy is said to remain in old object. The energy in the older objects stirs negative emotions into the members of the house. Depending on the object it hampers mentally and spiritually. If you hold onto unwanted “old stuff”, there isn’t much room for new opportunities to come into your life. For instance, if you have an old scrap car lying in your yard, the best decision would be to sell it and earn some cash from your junk car and get rid of all the negative energies it has been carrying over the years.

  • Replace or remove broken items

Keeping broken items at home is an indication of what you are going to tolerate in your life. The broken things serve no purpose but manifest a “stuck” or negative state. Instead look ahead no matter how much that particular item has an emotional string attached to you and maintain the existing household items such as clothing, furniture, and plants. You will be vividly able to see the difference they make to your mood.

  • The sage smudging ritual

Smudging with sage is like taking an energetic shower and replacing the current air elements. Lighting sage and then blowing it out is a popular American belief to remove the impurities. Start with the front door and then work out your way in the other rooms.

When to cleanse the aura of your home?

Every home needs cleaning periodically. It is difficult to say after what intervals, a home needs cleaning. It depends on the situation of the home on is living. These are the primary two situations when it is the right time to clear out space-

  • Clean and clear a new residence meticulously before shifting your own belongings. You want to clear off all the negative emotions of the previous residents of the place.
  • Following the illness or death of a family member, the house should be cleaned thoroughly.