Darkness feels very soothing sometimes,

covering us all

with its’ dense dark guard;

giving us a chance

to look into us,

which we don’t

with light abundant.

It’s the darkness

and yes, the darkness only

when we see us face to face,

asking us

a bunch of questions-

grave, light, long, short

knotted or straight

sensible or silly-

the answers of which

know we must

just to know our ‘us’

in a more intimate way,

seeing our present and past,

facing our divines or demons

embracing our flaws and wounds and

digging our dreams

long buried deep

under messy mundane

of noise and daily babbling!

Darkness feels a blessing that time

‘we’ with ‘ourselves’

‘soul’ with ‘self’ only;

sitting face to face,

reclined and relaxed

in each other’s company,

‘dating’, discussing and debating…

about our actions and path…

getting in touch

with our courage-n-conflict and

nursing and nurturing

our devastated dreams…

Darkness feels a blessing that time,

a warm wrap,

a loving embrace,

an intimate kiss…

with the surrounding world

vanished in black.

Then, as they say,

comes the Dawn

the darkness dissolves

into a crimson sky;

‘reshmi’ rays caress the cold face

warm wind blows from forest;

birds sing:

Get up,

walk onto the yards and streets

of life…

noise, chaos, songs, and music

mingling there in an authentic charm.

in an authentic charm.

Join the journey

being yourself.

Be a part of the fest.

Sing your song.

A New Day starting…

An unseen adventure awaits…