You have the power to determine what your dash says!

There are many notable people around the world who have impacted nations, communities, towns, cities, and neighborhoods. Every person who has contributed to society we will not always know their names. However, there are millions who have made an impact while they were here on Earth. We were not born to just exist. We were not created to just aimlessly go through the motions of life. I believe we were created by God for a specific purpose. God did not put molecules in our body or create an entire genetic pool, and DNA system just so we could merely exist. God wanted us to be “All the Way Live!” What do I mean by All the Way Live? Well, I am glad you asked. I can’t take the credit for this term but my mother the late Dorothy M. Whitmire said this often. My mother was very exuberant and lively. She believed in living life to the fullest. She had made a decision to be purposeful and to make an impact while she was alive. My mother gave life to her dash. Her nuemas and her spirit resonated in her dash. My mother feed the hungry, encouraged the loss and the broken, she clothed the naked, she inspired the downtrodden, and so much more. Dorothy M. Whitmire unequivocally lived out her dash October 7, 1942-May 13, 2020. I simply ask are you?

Maximize Every Moment of Your Life

Time is of the essence. We do not know how much time we have so I implore you to focus and do things now. Why put things off for tomorrow when you can do them today? I’m not saying to exhaust yourself and not enjoy the fruits of your labor. But I am saying that you should work in finding your purpose in life and to walk in it. I encourage you to start writing the book or to build the business. I am saying you should start the after school program or to start mentoring young girls and boys. I am your cheerleader and coach. I want you to have full dash as my mother did.

Someone reading this has had a secret dream for over twenty years and nothing has been done with it. Just imagine what you have been holding in your heart is the very thing that someone needs to unlock their destiny. Don’t die with your dash being unfruitful and empty. Don’t let your final resting tomb be empty because you opted not to live your best life and you didn’t impact the people who you were supposed to.

Every human being has a destiny and a purpose in them. It’s up to you to find it. It’s not a hard story to decipher because it’s the thing you were created to do. The world is just waiting on you. Let not “ne’re nother” excuse flow from the orifices of your lips. For a point of parenthetical reference “ne’re nother” is a southern African-American colloquialism that means not another. But let your lips quiver with the sound of saying I’m ready to live. Not just merely life. But live “All the Way Live!” What will your dash say?

Live All the Way Live!