Today I fell in love. He wasn’t tall, dark and handsome this time, and my knees didn’t buckle at the sensual whisper of my name. Today I fell in love with something that gave me a lot more perspective, and a greater feeling of gratitude.

I stepped into the shower and fell in love with the feeling of the hot water droplets pounding on my back, whilst the humid steam wrapped itself around my body.

I fell in love with my son’s little hands wrap themselves around my neck, squeezing as tightly as they could. With the wet kisses he planted on my cheeks between his giggles.

I fell in love with the gold and orange hues of the rising sun spilling over the morning sky when I looked out my bedroom window, relishing the first sip of my morning coffee.

I fell in love with the cramping ache in my tummy as I laughed with my friends so hard that tears ran down my cheeks.

I fell in love with the beads of sweat that trickled down my forehead as I pushed through the last mile of an uphill run.

I fell in love with the numbers that danced across the spreadsheets on my computer screen as I tried to understand a complex equation.

I fell in love with the aromatic scents in my kitchen later that evening as I prepared dinner, dancing along to the music that broke free from the speakers.

This was the day I fell in love with my everyday life, and learned to appreciate everything that I have been blessed with, rather than take it for granted.

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