You probably clicked on this because of the title, that likely triggered you.  I get it, it’s not the mainstream business belief that you hear all over.  Narrow your niche…build a clear niche….define your niche.

I believe that concept was helpful years ago, but not anymore and here is why.

#1: Social Media has changed the business world.  We are living in the days of following your favorite brands and influencers online. Here in 2020, people are looking to emotionally connect with those they follow.  They no longer care about the product or service alone. Almost every post you scroll over, someone is trying to sell you something.

Consumers want to see YOU, the seller, as living proof of the transformation they are desiring.  They want to see you fully being you and setting the example of what is possible for them.  They have a diverse set of needs, skills, and interests and they want to see that in you, as well.

This means the need to be “expert” in one distinct category, does not hold the weight it once did. They want to see you fully living with your diverse interests and skills. When you show up in your business authentically, sharing all that makes you unique, this allows them to form a genuine connection with you.

You know the saying, “before they invest they need to like, trust, know you”…well it is true!

#2: You are limiting yourself.  One of my clients created an online course that helps single women manifest their dream partner and find love.  Her course is niched down, and crystal clear to the woman it is for and how it will support her.  But my client’s business itself encompasses intuitive healing, card readings, private coaching, and even an organic online spray-tan training for beauty salons.  She is beautifully diverse and has multiple streams of people drawn to her!

This particular client came to me very confused about which one to “pick” and had tried everything from connecting them together, to keeping them secret and completely separate from one another.  She had the impression that she would confuse her followers if they knew she was multi-passionate.  I empowered her to OWN her multi-talented vision and build confidence in all that she offered, which would then be felt by her followers. She now attracts clients ( and income) from all those different sources.

Niche your offers, be clear who they are for, but you don’t have to narrow your entire business down that small.  

#3 You risk hitting burnout with a narrow niche.  I don’t know about you, but I became an entrepreneur to have LESS rules, not more!  The thought of doing the same thing, serving the exact same clientele over and over, is a sure fire way to lose all my creativity and passion.

I appreciate that I work with clients overcoming emotional abuse, then the next hour I might have a client who is scaling their 6 figure business through marketing strategies, to teaching a guided meditation to a private group later.  

If you narrow your focus and service so small, you might find yourself wearing out and losing that spark that made you start your business to begin with.

Give yourself permission to expand, breathe life into your business, and create!

A niche may be a necessary tool for some entrepreneurs to get started, and feel safe in taking action. But take caution of narrowing your business entirely, as it could end up holding you back from attracting those who want to see YOU fully, purchase from all your multiple skill sets, and might even leave you feeling bored and stuck yourself.