People who love finding fault in others are those who are envious. They don’t realize that they are harboring hate within themselves, not with the person they envy. It’s a known fact that all of us want to become better than others. We tend to watch other people’s lives and so busy criticizing them. I once met a very successful retiree whom I have chatted with over a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop and I can’t forget all the wisdom that she shared with me. She said that in order for us to become very successful and happy is that we need to form that invisible blinkers on both sides of our faces like a horse. This will keep us stay focused on ourselves. Shes actually right. I have this book called The Art of Selfishness and it talks about being selfish in a positive way, learning to stop looking at people’s achievements and rather work on your own. When I started doing that, I felt more confident in myself that I can do anything I want to do, as long as you stay “selfish” with yourself. 

If people hate you for no other reason, stop caring. You can’t please anybody anyway, right? You’re just so happy with life that you avoid bitterness and negativity as much as possible. People who suddenly stopped talking to me without further explanations and snide remarks I get every day are just some of the things that contaminate my toxic-free life. But again, who’s problem is that? its obviously not mine, and to make sure these negative “toxins” won’t mix with my happy state of mind, what I do is I ignore, wear my invisible blinkers and clop clop clop my way to that desired destination. If you let them get to you, you invite negative feelings that block away blessings from pouring in.

Envy is one of the most tricky in the Seven Deadly Sins. One of the reasons why the Tower of Babel failed.


  • Cheryl Lynne Azarraga

    Blogger, Content Writer from Philippines

    Cheryl Azarraga is a Content Writer and Blogger from the Philippines. She writes for several websites like and , She studied the Raj Yoga meditation which enabled her to deal with everyday battles of life.  She loves reading books about Psychology, Hypnosis,  yoga, Parapsychology and anything mind related. Other than reading and writing, she also loves traveling solo  and immersing with the locals on each country she visits. Get to know her through her blog