There it is

A foundation of sublime beauty

The crisp maneuvers

The perfect words

The basement itself holds looks of love

And the stairs – well they take you up and away from that which you know

The kitchen – a place for families

Where a shared love of food brings us falsely together

A cute purr, a look from the cat – you see him and try to please him

You have to please him to please me,

And I am the end goal – right?

I am who you want to own

Being playful always helps

No one wants to be around a ‘Debbie downer’

Sitting at the table – the legs of the table loose and week

Any pressure and the table might fall – maybe you say the wrong word

But the table stood its ground

It was the couch that ripped

Ripped apart from the outside in

Aren’t couches supposed to be comfortable?

For there I sat with your arm draped around me

For there I sat looking into your cheeky eyes

For there we settled into a false sense of comfort

Nothing to distract

Just the promises of ecstasy and love

The ideal lover

The player of all fun games

Games in all places

Even in the bedroom

Making love to me ravenously didn’t break the bed

The wooden planks could withhold from such brute force

Love was made, the bed intact

It was the pain you made that splintered the wood and made it fragile

Fragile enough to help me to see through the cracks

Fragile enough to pick up on the Truth

Fragile enough, to break?

It mattered not that it was my house

It mattered not that it was my bed

It mattered simply

That you reach your end goal – Me

Why didn’t you just steal my things

Why didn’t you just take my money

Leave me behind

Leave me behind

That’s the beauty about the thief

They don’t want you

They just want your possessions

They just want your things

The seducer

On the other hand

Sweeps through your life

Leaving behind everything,

Except You

Perhaps just broken pieces

Of yourself

Not having taken anything

That meant nothing to you

You would have been willing to give up everything

In order to keep yourself whole

I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles

I guess that’s the way the deception house works

But if I am strong

If I am loved

The deception House

Can now go back

To being a home