When it’s time to move, move.

The conversation wasn’t meant to be that serious. It quickly turned from “you should have more friends” to “I’m going out with my tribe, therefore it would be good if you also had a few like-minded people to spend time with as well!’. It was an announcement not filled with contempt or pity, but rather an expression of goodwill on their part.

My tribe though?

We hear a lot about it. Most of the time, It comes down to belonging to a group of like-minded people who can recognise and expose, empathy, honesty and our greatest strength for becoming our best. Alas, we all know locating the tribe to celebrate our truest essence and higher truths are subject to the sands of time. One minute, we’re with like-minded people who want the same thing, the next we suddenly feel a jolt in our journey, a shift that’s occurring right under our feet. It’s like cold water has been splashed into our dumbfounded face with the fierceness of wet sand. We’ve woken up from our slumber and realised our extraordinary potential to fly.

At that very moment, you realise a truth – tribes don’t change, people do.

All of the sudden a rush of anxiety and excitement simultaneously flood’s the mind. ‘What on earth do I do now?’. You’ve held a seat in this hut for as long as you can remember, however something inside has shifted and you can’t shake how good it feels. The shift seems as though it came out of the blue, however somewhere inside you a thought stirs; “could I myself have instigated the shift albeit on a subconscious level”

You feel you are transforming into an Eagle and the old actions of pigeons on the ground don’t hold the fascination it did before. You feel yourself growing and shifting into who you want to become. You look up and see what seems to be a perfectly timed Eagle flying overhead. You take special note of its height, beauty, dominance, poise and strength. You smile to yourself – that’s me.

All of the sudden without overthinking, a familiar mindset takes over. You feel invigorated while searching for new like-minded people to share your vision but you look around and see unfamiliar faces.

They say the Universe expands and celebrates its secrets in direct proportion to our courage to live a fearless life. That sounds like a celebration we should all attend. But there’s a price. It involves letting go and embracing who you know yourself to be without necessarily knowing how it’s going to play out. You keep repeating a mantra you’ve grown fond of; “Decisions made out of Inspiration and love are the right ones”. You realise then and there you must have the courage to move on. You see a new hut and turn the handle and see an Eagle looking directly at you. He recognises you immediately and nods at the window.

If it feels like the tribal sands are shifting below your toes right now, you may very well be on your way to your new tribe. This may feel on the surface like an intimidating and scary move, but if you’ve embraced the shift internally, you’re probably not the type to easily be intimidated by anything or anymore. Not anymore.

Barry is a fierce champion of change. His ability to locate and define purpose and drive lead him to the publication and #1 Best Selling ranking of his first book; The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment..His Online Courses taken directly from his #1 Best Selling book are produced for Individuals and businesses who seek to form an immediate blueprint on purpose and Inspiration and ultimately drive that purpose into commerce and financial freedom. He serves coachees and produces seminars surrounding The Law of Attraction made specifically for action takers to understand subconscious paradigms as a primary asset and driver for internal fulfilment and external success.

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