Everyone want to find their purpose in life, but using the wrong words can ruin our life and block our destiny.

When you ask your neighbours or family members or any other person

Where are you coming from?

The majority of them will say

From work.

If you always keep saying that you are coming from work, your job will become a hard exhausting work with nothing pleasant and no rewards. What you are doing at your job is a service and not a work.

Using the word work to describe your job will transform your passion or something that you like doing in a hard work. You are not coming from work or doing work, you are coming from your job, your daily tasks that give you a stable income and a better future.

Even if your job is at McDonald’s you are not going to work, you are going to your job which you are doing the selling service for your boss and being the intermediate between the clients and the company. If you are “going to work” get ready to work very hard thay day and the next days until you start going to your job.

Originally published at allyfortis.wordpress.com